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    Ambulance Appraisal & Insurance Claim Help

    Paragraphs, dude...paragraphs...
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    Under-loading suspension

    Not exactly. We have an Oshkosh MTVR 6x6, which has a GVWR of 62,200 pounds, and a payload capacity of 30,000 pounds. Our box and contents only weigh about 5,000 pounds so far, and the truck seems to work fine both on and off road. The MTVR has fully-independent coil-sprung suspension, for what...
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    Ambulance Appraisal & Insurance Claim Help

    Well, your experience seems to trump mine. I still think it's stupid to threaten an attorney when you have no intention of doing so. I managed auto repair shops, quite successfully, for many many years. People threaten to sue all the time, because they don't understand that it's not my fault...
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    Ambulance Appraisal & Insurance Claim Help

    NEGATIVE. NEVER "threaten" someone with an attorney. Standard practice is to cease all communications once somebody does that. So basically, if you make an idle threat like that, you're then going to be forced into actually paying an attorney a load of money to do something that you could have...
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    Where are all my MilSurp equipment fans at?

    You left out the fact that almost every single female is a walking profile...
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    1999 Chevy Express conversion camper

    If this is your vehicle, you're posting it in the wrong section. And, from "Forum Rules: READ BEFORE POSTING" stickied to the top of both sections:
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    One to many zeros......

    Almost everyone on Craigslist is high on illegal drugs...
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    Modern truck camper for an adventurous family of five?

    Unless you're camping every weekend, you'd probably be bucks ahead by commuting in a little Korean commuter car, and just renting a motorhome when you need one...
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    Modern truck camper for an adventurous family of five?

    You have the choice- you can drive anything you want. Solo commuting in a Transit camper van, is like trying to thread a needle with a Nerf bat.
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    Modern truck camper for an adventurous family of five?

    So you solo commute in a Transit camper van?
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    Maps: Old school paper or GPS?

    I started my career as a cop using paper maps, but as I got older, I began to rely more and more on a Garmin GPS suction-cupped to the inside of my windshield. The GPS reduced the stress of navigating, while doing all of the other things competing for my attention while driving (radio, MDT...
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    Is my Jeep too heavy?

    Lift kits and oversized tires REDUCE a vehicle's ability to safely carry and tow loads. Operating near, at, or over the GVWR and/or tow rating in a vehicle modified with oversized tires and/or lift kits, is downright dangerous to the vehicle's occupants and everyone else on the road. That's...
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    The all-new Hayabusa to be revealed February 5th!

    I'd like to kick Suzuki really hard right in the junk over this- it got heavier, less powerful, and almost $4,000 more expensive. They're not even trying- it's still got the same stupid 190/50 rear tire size left over from the '90s, which provides so much less traction when cracking the...