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    Box Rocket 1995 FZJ80 Build

    Do I spy some CDCV resi's on those Icons?
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    Toyota Spacers & Hardware

    Heh, no I would not.
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    Toyota Spacers & Hardware

    Yes I do.
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    Box Rocket Homemade trailer build.

    Robert, just use an old pack. The regulator off the pack will lower the air pressure enough to air up tires, blow out air filters and such. Cut the hose end off that would normally attach to the face mask regulator, attach an airhose disconnect/coupling of your choice and use a nice 20' ARB hose...
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    **Tepui RTTs and Accessories**

    Contact Tepui. If you've had it less than 2 years it may be under warranty. Otherwise they usually have the travel cover straps in stock, not entirely sure about the side straps.
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    **Tepui RTTs and Accessories**

    The straps for the travel cover or the 2/4 side straps that help hold the tent closed?
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    **Tepui RTTs and Accessories**

    Last week upta Seboomook Wilderness Campground on the Northwest Corner of Moosehead Lake in the great State of Maine.. Ruggedized Autana:
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    Toyota Spacers & Hardware

    $50 shipped CONUS
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    Wts arb fridge slide 37/50qt size

    If shipping became an option, I'd consider.
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    DeLorme inReach from REI

    I use my inReach all the, whether paired to my tablet in my Taco or use for hiking, hunting or snomadooin'
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    Toyota 4Runner/Tacoma Alloy Wheels (X4) 16" "Split 6" Style - Free to Good Home

    If they're available come the end of April I'll snag 'em. I'll be in Carlisle & Rausch Creek for the weekend (coming from Maine) and it looks like you're only 1.5 hrs from Carlisle
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    Toyota Spacers & Hardware

    I bought these with the intention of gaining slight lift in the front while retaining ride quality with my coilovers. my 01 DCSB Taco has a forward rake with normally nothing in the back during DD duties and a winch, brushguard and full skids up front all the time...It sits level when I have my...
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    Jah310 Trailer Build. Here goes...!

    Where's the thumbs up icon? :D :bigok:
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    FS: 2005 Tundra DC 4x4 icon/fox 35's Now in Virginia!

    Nice radio antenna relocation ;) I like how you used the same rock to park on as you did with your Runner. And here's a free bump to a fellow firefighter :wavey: (I can only presume as you parked in a fire station next to a fire truck..)
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    **Tepui RTTs and Accessories**

    Kukenam worked awesome for myself and my 65 pound American Terrier. I hauled it around on top of my Tacoma with ease.