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  • Hey, you're probably busy getting ready for MOTL, but I'm interested in the winch you have for sale. Give me a call at 617-909-0604 if you have a minute.
    I wondered why someone in a fire truck was waving at me! Yeah I will have to checkout the other site. I haven't been on it in a few weeks.
    Right on Pocasset lake. I drive the bright yellow JK 4 door on 35's, hard to miss! I had been a little more north up in Parkman for a year or so, near Dover Foxcroft. A ton of great trails right around there. Anything decent close by?

    I was just browsing expo and a posting of yours caught my eye. Wayne, ME huh? Just moved to Wayne just over a month ago. Small world.

    Oh yeah I will. I gotta get new brake lines, then a hitch, and then I'm going to look into that cb you told me about.
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