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    Air suspension and Alignmets

    How would I do that? Is it a iid setting?
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    Air suspension and Alignmets

    I am going to lift my 2016 lr4 hd. I’m using a mix of iid and Johnson rods to do so. I will also be increasing my tire size and throwing 18 wheels on. My question is, with the air suspension, will I need an alignment. If so, can any normal tire shop work? The closest dealer is 300 miles away.
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    2017 Tacoma TRD off road $29k

    Nice. How many miles?
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    Help me Pick Lift and Tires

    Thanks for the thoughts. I'll probably go with the gap tool and 265/65R18 KO2 like grizz suggested.
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    Help me Pick Lift and Tires

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2016 LRD/D4 and received a lot of feed back from people here that I shouldn't go all out on the mods for my new LR4. My wallet thanks you. However a lot of people did advise me to go to 18 inch wheels and get better AT tires. I am planning compomotive 18"...
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    Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4) Registry

    16 LR4/D4 Just purchased 18" wheels. Working on the rest.
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    Just purchased a LR4 w/ 60K miles, now what?

    Hi all, looking for advice. I just purchased a 2016 LR4 w/ HD package, with 61K miles. What are the first things I should look at maintenance-wise? I'm thinking the suspension may be nearing end of life. Any thoughts about where to go from here as far a suspension set up for an overlander...
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    Colorado Trails 2018 (G500)

    This looks great. Would you happen to have this route mapped out?
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    G500 as first overland vehicle?

    So I am reviving this thread. I think I can probably do a G500 this fall. Looking at 2004+ per comments in this thread. How are these on rust? I am in Colorado and I am looking at some in rustbelt areas. Generally I wouldn't engage, but there are some great prices out there. Would you...
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    Rear Lockers

    If I added an ARB air locker to a RRS, would it mess anything up with the computer or the terrain select features? I can’t find a RRS with a rear locker anywhere.
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    Rear Lockers

    Thanks for all the great help so far. I think I can help with the locker ID. If you have the vin, sign up for Topix, as an “independent”. Run the vin and go to the vehicle summary. Click on Minor Features and if a vehicle has a rear locker it will show up on the list as “Locker - E Diff” or...
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    Rear Lockers

    Hi all, Trying to decide what to go with for overlanding, between late model (2012+) LR4 and RR Sport with a RR as a dark horse (any recommendations appreciated). Compounding the problem is the issue of rear diff lockers. I am sure it’s been discussed, and I brushed up with multiple...
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    How many miles is too many LR4

    I am looking at purchasing a stock 2012 LR4 HSE LUX HD with 130k miles on it for $15k. Would you make that purchase,or would you do the same vehicle in the 60k range for $10k more? If this were a land cruiser, I’d buy it without hesitation. But the truth is, I don’t have the best grasp on the...
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    200 Series Newbie Questions

    Hi all, I am considering a low mileage (~50k) 200 series to do some overlanding, but I also want to use it as a daily driver, so I want to keep it pretty stock. I love the land cruisers, but I am trying to battle some underlying doubt. I understand people don't generally prefer the the 200s...