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    Patent for Simple Shower

    Cool!! Yes Puyallup was far enough for me!! Oregon is way to far... But glad we went last year we bought 2 from you and love them!! Good luck wholesale I am sure they will take off great!!!
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    Patent for Simple Shower

    was it you I bought a couple from at the Mother earth news fair in Puyallup last June?
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    2011 Ford F-150 fx4

    Nice truck!! Did you have to put on a lift to fit those 33's?
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    1998 Ford F150 "Training Wheels" Build

    Nice! I sold my little XJ Cherokee... needed something a little bigger! Bought this 2008 FX4! Let the Mods begin! first to save up for are some All terrain tires and Black wheels, Truck has 20s but I am going to do 18s.!
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    Baja Style Truck Camper Build

    Thanks for the link.... YJ4roks, I really like the look of yours... I subscribed also, hoping to see more that you do... I am buying a pick up real soon... and have been thinking of something similar.... mike
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    Short Road Trip

    Thanks!! I love Moses lake area we used to go to the potholes years ago!! So far so good the jeep did pretty good over snoqualmie pass it got close to the red area on the temp gauge but not quite my guess is about 240 degrees.. The jeep slowed down to between 40 and 50 mph near the top.. But...
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    Short Road Trip

    Thanks.. Yes we did change the valve cover gasket...the pvc system Made a big improvement but still rear main seals are bad also would like to rebuild the complete engine...
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    N.A.R.V. - 2008 Chevy Express AWD Project

    Very nice!! I Want one of these for a future build!
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    Cool Jeep Africa

    First time I seen this!
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    Short Road Trip

    We live in Western Washington... and going to make a 4 day trip over to Yakima Valley Wine Country in Prosser for a little glamping.... Staying in an RV Park... But the main idea is to see how the XJ will do going over the mountains pulling our little Hitch and Haul trailer.... I reversed the...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Getting ready for a short over the mountains to Eastern Washington Yakima Valley Road trip this weekend... Put my Road tires on... got the Bikes loaded... Hook up the Trailer tomorrow!!
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    Thanks! same here! Hope to get my Cherokee looking good by the expo!

    Thanks! same here! Hope to get my Cherokee looking good by the expo!
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    So many Cool trailers!! I got a lot of ideas for my off road trailer I want to build!! Here is the one we built last year... I wouldn't take it too far off road... but it would probably hold up better then I think....