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    12v Compressor fridge at Costco.

    been great for me on roadtrips / winetasting / camping etc. just air dry it when done.
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    Custom Four Wheel Camper Flatbed Build For Sale.

    its sold, sitting in my yard awaiting some customization.
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    Anyone have experience with the Expedition One Mule Load Bar Rack Kit?

    I have one, send me a pm ill send you photos on a 3rd gen ram. It's very stout, aluminum, rock solid for my Tepui Kukenam XL. No fancy attachments on the side, but I tend to put Costco totes under mine and it works well to keep things accessible. Also learned they now are making a side panel...
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    Jeep - CL - LA, CA - One of a Kind Enjoy this little jewel!
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    2011 Four Wheel Camper Eagle

    just out of curiousity what is the headspace in the camper? i'm 6'5 and have no idea if im hunching in all of these or not
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    Ram Megacab

    its been a tough decision, i think im going 3500 / mega with shortbed / CTD and Aisin, total overkill for my application, but resale value will be solid and I have absolute freedom for future towing, camper, toyhauler etc. Being able to fold down rear seats for bed is better than hoping I dont...
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    Ram Megacab

    appreciate the feedback, concerns with payload and def etc have made me narrow down the search to a 2012.
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    Ram Megacab

    can that be improved on with air bags and shocks?
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    Ram Megacab

    2017 so latest version. should i be going 3500... if thats the case i should be going cummins.
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    Ram Megacab

    Hi all, I am " " this close to building out a Ram Megacab. For anyone who has one. I know the 160" wheelbase will smooth out the ride, and it is technically a long bed. I like the idea of folding down the rear seat and camping out in the back on hunts, off road trips etc. I use a 4x4 truck...
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    Ford or Ram?

    I tow a jeep tj on 36s w/ car hauler, appx 6-6500 lbs. Back and forth AZ to Colorado and Utah. 2 times a year. Looking for a newer 2500 to put on a RTT, how would the powerwagon differ from traditional 2500 gasser?
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    Ford or Ram?

    anyone know the difference between the tradesman powerwagon w 5.7 hemi vs the newer 6.4 hemi? was there a changeover from 2013 to 2014? Is the 5.7 adequate. Looking at a 2013 powerwagon tradesman from 23k w. less than 20k miles.