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  • Using it to move trailers (I have a few...) around, run around town, and do general "pickup" duty so I don't have to keep taking the truck camper in and out of the back of my truck... :) We'll see how long it stays... I was looking for a sub-$2k truck to use for this purpose, but this one for $3k was too good to pass up. Nothing wrong with it, and only 150k miles.
    Guenther, how are the twins doing?? Congrats on being a Dad!! I was just wondering who Mrkonwitall is, and then happened to come here to see what I had goign on and finally figured out it was you. I figured it was someone I knew, just didn't know who!! :)
    Cheers, sir,
    Hmmm- who lives 5 miles NE of Hell, MI... Has Initials GW.... Remembers your own alter ego of Cpt Chaos... a little embarrassing that it took me 3 months to notice the little notification flag at the top of the screen. Hope all is well out there. Back here, I'm embarking on a major change in focus, as Jen and I are expecting twins in July. Cheers,
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