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    12V Fridge and 2019 RAM 1500 eTorque?

    I have wondered idea how far in the future is this for truck campers. Almost certainly big batteries and 120-240 volt inverters are in our future, but how far is the question.
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    F-350 360 degree camera system question (custom ordered 2020)

    You don't need the $415 Camera Source (ROSTRA). the ULTIMATE TRAILER TOW CAMERA SYSTEM comes with a camera. I got one with my 2019 but have not mounted it yet. has about 30 feet of harness to extend to the back of a trailer.
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    Electrical Puzzle 2019 F350

    I ordered the Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera with my 2019 F350 but I only want a camera on my Hallmark camper for now, no trailer, but the entire assembly has over 30 feet of wiring harness included. Can I (or an electronics technician) make a harness/repin a connector, so that the Ford factory...
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    Video Trip Report of our Botswana trip. Water crossings and Wild Life.

    That looks like a commercially organized trip...who with? After spending 3 months in S. Africa and Namibia I would love to travel thru Botswana.
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    Serious Talk - Considering a "disposable" pop-up TC

    I agree with DWH. My so-called quality Hallmark has required constant repair with screws falling out and the wood frame failing. My previous FWC also needed minor repair.
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    Need advice with Firestone airbags

    Thanks, I'll pursue swage fittings. I think McMaster has DOT stuff.
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    Need advice with Firestone airbags

    Can I cut the tubing from my Firestone airbags and insert it into a 1/4” push-to-connect fitting? The .260” tubing has what appears to be a D.O.T swaged connection to a Schrader valve, so may not be intended to fit a 1/4” push-to-connect. The photo shows an assembly I made that should allow...
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    Perfect! I expected something more exotic. Ordering one from Amazon right now.
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    What kind of staples/stapler? Just an ordinary desk stapler, or something special?
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    Hardware for mounting to sides of utility trailer

    McMaster Carr has a few solutions similar to that....check their on-line catalog
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    Securing fwc

    When I had a FWC I looped a large wire tie through the middle and ends of the turnbuckle to prevent unscrewing.
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    I am surprised that no one has yet mentioned that the lid for the bucket is another $29.99!
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    SAE rating for alternator

    Ford gives my 2019 Superduty an alternator rating of 377Amps (dual alternators). Is that the actual ISO or SAE rating? If not, how would I find that? And at what RPM? Thanks in advance
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    Safety concerns of global trips

    I have driven about 6 months in South America, 3 months in Southern Africa. Those gigantic rigs look ridiculous and are mostly unnecessary. You could just rent a SUV and stay in various lodging and feel totally comfortable. Second, after 5-6 weeks in Colombia I am convinced that a traffic...
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    Bonding sheet aluminum to composite Panels?

    I think I would add wood flour to any boat building epoxy until you reach your desired consistency and spread with a 1/8" notched trowel. Research surface prep on the aluminum. Sand, clean, then possibly a primer.