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    Wanted to steal one

    At my old base in Meaford, we have a huge pile of them. Maybe 15-20 of them and they are amazing. If they were damaged, very possible they have been brought in from afghanistan to be fixed. of course they won't be used for 'target practice' lol
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    G-Wagen Images: Feel the love

    The first few pics are awesome!
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    Diesel G-wagen for Canada ever?

    We want them LHD and we have more contacts in Europe/Germany then in Japan lol saw terra2 imports them, but a heafty price and RHD
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    Diesel G-wagen for Canada ever?

    I'm looking into buying a Diesel G-wagen sometime soon, just not sure about how to find the car in german, and how to export it from there. Anybody have some more info on this?
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    Pajero 2.8TD owners...approx km/miles on tank of gas?

    Hey everybody, I'm looking at importing a 92-94 Pajero Exceed 2.8TD and I've searched the net trying to gather as many answers as I can to my questions. I am looking at the 2.8L Turbo Diesel engine, but I've read that some people get 300-350km on half a tank. Now I do realize it's an older...