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  • How does the OME lift run on the road and off road? Is it like stock? Stiff? How does it ride when going over railroad tracks? (If you go over any)
    Yeah I'm just trying to see if the total height of the truck is taller than me.
    Thanks, brother
    Hi mouse007,
    About how y'all would you say your truck is? I'm 6'0 and like the look of your truck but I don't want to be taller than my truck is the thing! Haha. Have anymore updates coming soon?
    Thank you Acerwin I'm currently running OME 886 coils up front and Dakar heavy leafs out back. I want to say she's just shy of 3" all around. Tires are BFG KO/TA they are 285/75 R16..about 33" tall. Check out my build thread for more pictures and specs.
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