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    Dealer markup on a new V-Strom?

    $6.5k for a 2012? That's an amazing price. There are some functional changes, at least as far as I understood. New oil cooler and technically a new engine but in reality there are very little changes to it. New rear shock too. Otherwise, yes mostly cosmetic. In Canada I expect the bike to...
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    Camper Shell External Rack - Vantech

    I'm running a Range Rider which is made by a small company in the interior of British Columbia. I chatted with their owners a few times over the years - always the same story. Everyone in the industry knows that a shell can hold a huge amount of weight without breaking (especially the smaller...
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    Dealer markup on a new V-Strom?

    Thanks guys. I normally wouldn't even consider buying a new bike. But I really like the changes for 2012 on the Wee. Here in Canada, this is for an MSRP of $10,899 (Canadian Adventure package is different than USA - as seen incl panniers/top case) and I'm seriously considering it: Good to...
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    Dealer markup on a new V-Strom?

    Hi all, I've never purchased a bike new but am considering one later this spring. Currently looking at the Suzuki V-Strom 650. For those with more experience, what type of markup is there on a new bike? For example, if MSRP is $10k, what's considered a good deal for a cash sale? How much...
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    Stunning video of Canada

    You're all welcome to visit anytime ;)
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    Camper Shell External Rack - Vantech

    Here's the key. Dynamic versus static load. A shell and crossbar are rated, for legal purposes, for dynamic loads - meaning while the vehicle is moving. The vast majority of shells can hold an easy 1000 lbs. In fact, I have had well over 600 lbs on top of my shell with zero issues. It's...
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    Very, very tempted right now.
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    Camper Shell External Rack - Vantech

    Why do you say that your shell is not strong enough? What brand is it? It's actually very rare to see a failure of a shell due to a RTT. It happens, but not often. Here is mine: Pete
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    GoPro HD2

    Heads up if anyone in the US is planning to buy one of these. The REI once a year 20% off coupon applies to GoPro items. That means you can get the HD Hero 2 kit for about $240 plus tax. Heck of a deal. Coupon is until April 15 -
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    Moderators please ban JONSSMITH5. It's a spam bot.

    Oh and Haven got him :costumed-smiley-007
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    Moderators please ban JONSSMITH5. It's a spam bot.

    As mentioned above, as soon as you report a post every mod gets an alert and an email (which is fun when they all come to your iPhone at 4:00 am!). If we know the post in question, it allows us to delete all of the posts created by the user and ban them in one function. Much easier for us. I...
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    Subaru Forester Bumper Build for E.J.

    Damn. Looks awesome! Spectacular work!
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    Weatherguard pack rats as storage

    Ironically, I think my brother in law has this one in his cargo van (and we are also in YYC). It's a tank and very, very heavy. The price might be right, but I would be cautious of the extra weight.
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    Depths of Central Russia.

    Great pictures! Looking forward to more of the background story!