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    Other fast deploy ground tents besides Oztent and Gazelle?

    That is disappointing, it was going to be my next tent.
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    Other fast deploy ground tents besides Oztent and Gazelle?

    Black Pine turbo tent. Similar to the Coleman, but with more features and better quality.
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    1952 Steve McQueen camper setup.

    If I had money, this is the type of things I would spend it on.
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    Suspension makeover

    It wouldn't hurt to look into adjustable sway bars to help when fully loaded. That's assuming they can be adjusted stiffer than stock.
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    Upland Hunting - General

    Not quite true EMrider, if you want to find easy quail in California, just go deer hunting:D Can never seem to get away from them when you're not looking for them.
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    Birthday gun for myself.

    I'm not familiar with that rifle, but if you go with .44 magnum you should be able to shoot .44 special for a cheaper plinking round. Of course it's more expensive than .38 special, but a .44 always beats a .38/.357. Happy early birthday. Peace and wheelies.
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    JKU VSS and TCS issue

    I know this is a long shot, but is your steering wheel totally straight?
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    JKU VSS and TCS issue

    How is your battery? Sometimes a low battery can cause problems. Do your front tires have a lot less tread than the rear? I've had that activate my stability control before.
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    DIY Propane Firepit

    Out of curiosity, why aren't there any holes at the bottom for air draw? I plan on building one of these cool fire makers and compliment you on your creativity and appreciate you sharing it with us.
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    Need Some Quick Input

    Something isn't adding up, if it has a D44 front then it is a Rubicon, not and X unless it was installed by a previous owner. Also I believe if it came with the tow package then it should be the 3.73 gears, I could be wrong on that though. Either way, if it has 3.21 gears, an auto transmission...
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    DIY Maxtrax bag?

    Should be easy to get a unwanted surfboard or snowboard bag.
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    Poison Spyder bumpers

    I have the VKS front bumper and Shrockworks rear, yes I had to wait two and a half months, but in their defense they build to order and I ordered it two weeks before Thanksgiving:) Worth the wait in my opinion. Excellent quality on both.
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    Poison Spyder bumpers

    You should check out Shrockworks (that is the proper spelling) and VKS.
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    Dilemma : Keep Modded XJ or Get JK Rubicon

    You're right, JK's are expensive, I know because I have one:) My humble opinion is if you're not daily driving it stick with what you have, take the $500 a month payment plus larger insurance payment and find a low mileage LS and transmission and keep them stock (except a trans cooler) for...
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    How do you transport your fishing rods?

    Probably a lot more than you want to spend, but check out Interesting idea.