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    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    I've pretty well decided on selectable lockers front and rear, not decided on which one yet. I like the idea of the E-locker most, ARB and Ox-locker also in consideration.
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    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    Front axle and suspension back under the truck, torqued down and torque striped Dropped the engine and transmission back in, hopefully for good (at least to get this thing driving) Next couple of steps in no real order: Exhaust, Plumbing, Build the electrical panel - basically trying to...
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    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    About time for an update - I have been working on the Scout, just not very quickly. We had another kid in April of last year, a little girl, and the 2 kids plus new job eat up a lot of time as i'm sure most of you know. Finished up the suspension brackets, got the axles cleaned up and painted...
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    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    What's this - an actual update? With the bump stops worked out, the rest of the fab needed on the suspension is easier to tackle with the axle out from under the truck, and the engine out of the way. I also wanted to clean up the firewall, patch up a bunch of un-needed holes, and get it ready...
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    2nd Generation Tundra: 4.6 vs 5.7 advice

    Boy you guys know how to detail a thread. I'll add my $0.02 as an owner of a 2012 Tundra with the 4.6 and a FWC Hawk. Get whatever engine makes you happy, neither engine is lacking power to haul the load you're talking about. The 4.6 does get 1-2 mpg better than the 5.7, which was relevant to...
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    New Truck for my FWC

    Coming from a guy with a hawk on a half ton (Tundra) - if I were buying a truck to haul a camper full time, it would be a 3/4 or 1 ton. You didn't specify if the camper stays on full time or you only load it up for trips?
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    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    One final piece to the radiator mount - I made up a cross brace to tie the tops of the inner fenders together and to the radiator hoop. The bar has some turned bungs welded in that let a socket head cap screw sit flush, and a rubber bushing to provide some compliance to the hard mounted...
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    Long-term Feedback request: Daystar Airbag Cradles

    Awesome guys, thanks for all the feedback. I was pretty discouraged that I damaged a bag on the first offroad trip out, since they really made a good difference to how my Tundra handles the weight of the camper, so I am glad that these seem to be a solid option. I'll weigh back in after I've...
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    Long-term Feedback request: Daystar Airbag Cradles

    I have a 2012 Tundra that carries a FWC Hawk to which I recently installed airbags to help carry the load. I'm really happy with the airbags from a ride perspective, they made a very positive improvement to how the truck carries the weight of the camper and they had no negative effect to how it...
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    Need help with fuel line clips!

    Wonder if any of the 'fuel line retaining clips' listed in this Dorman catalog would work?
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    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    Got the radiator mounts fabbed and tacked in, including gussets for the longer tabs. The bottom on the drivers side is TIGHT - downside to using an inside-the-frame steering box I guess. I confirmed that the corner I'd cut off the radiator previously gives me enough clearance to the...
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    Cast iron griddle

    I've been happy with this one: Pretty sure I paid less than that at Target though. Works well on my (newer) coleman stove. Its a bit wide (deep?) front to back to fit well on the stove in my FWC hawk, but it...
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    All-Purpose Scout 80 build

    WAY overdue update. I am working on it, I swear, everything just takes so much longer these days. Closed up the holes in the firewall where I had to make clearance for the headers, and got the transfer case shifters mounted and the hole cut in the trans tunnel cover. I have to say I really...
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    Tundra - Bed Rail Alternative

    It says right in their ad copy that its for the toyota rail system, looks different from L-track. Again, I'm sure you could adapt it.