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    LR3 Reverse Lights Upgrade

    I dont think these needed any resistor or regulator, but I need have the rear lamps off this weekend to replace a backup sensor and Ill verify.
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    LR3 Reverse Lights Upgrade

    I ordered these specific ones back in 2006, and they have been super bright to this day! $25 for the pair back in 2006 and still same today. The brightness easily over comes my aftermarket window tint and the color seems to be very compatible with the backup camera: I...
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    Air suspension and Alignmets

    Definitively need an alignment when switching heights for daily driving. Alignments are the one and only thing I used to take my truck to the dealership for. I have since found a indie ex-master mechanic that does an even better job. Air suspensions are becoming way more common....Good luck!
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    New Defender News

    +2" (+50mm) Bigger tires get me into situations that are beyond what Land Rover engineers designed for, and sometimes it even get me back. ;-) Old saying: "More fun to drive a slow car quickly, than a fast car slowly" applies to offloading too. Id rather be challenged with a stock truck...
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    New Defender News

    I think what FLMotero really meant to say is, I hope GAP releases support for Defender2. Agreed short rods are dumb, but I do like my adjustable sensor links for eliminating manufacturing variations and zeroing out calibration differences on all four corners. More range of motion without...
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    Cutting the Fat. Bumpers???

    I feel your Lr3 needs to go on a diet too!!
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    LR3 owners sound off, which tires?

    esa31.9t: 275/65r18 is 32.1x10.7" and rolls on bumps. Make sure you relo the left-front ride height sensor wire to top of frame rail. If you have rear HVAC, then you might need to flatten out the right-rear body, seam, wheel liner and relo the heater hose. Yes, deflated spare will fit - dish...
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    Anyone have a high mileage LR3?

    Over the past 10 years, I have done almost everything mentioned so far and electronic parking brake ($1000) and Rear Drive shaft ($340). Unfortunately do keep maintenance records and know to well that I have spent more on total maintenance than the original purchase price ($23.5K - Purchased...
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    Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4) Registry

    I love 5 spoke wheels! It was a tough choice for me. There is a also a BMW 17" X5 split spoke rim that looks a lot the OEM LR 17" wheel. Thats what I am going with. :-D
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    2008 Land Rover LR3 on 35"s - Refurbish/Rebuild Thread

    I have seen this truck in person and its traction to climb is amazing!
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    Rank my shopping list

    Thanks! Trial is steeper that appears - you get a better feel towards the end. EAS was probably +50mm. I run lower even offroad these day and only use offroad mode when needed. Lucky8 2" shock tower extension are on my short todo list (just behind never ending maintenance).
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    Rank my shopping list

    RE: Lockers ... I uniquely have 9 years LR3 experience without locker and 3 years in the same truck with ARB rear locker. With and without I was able to go everywhere my friends' OEM rear locker LR3s could. Without the locker, there was LOTS more 1/8 rotation wheel-slips. Like seen in this...
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    'Viral' Instagram Discovery Evolution Pic FIXED

    When are we all going to just call it Defender 2. It will certainly not be a 30 year body style, and before we know it there will be a Defender 3. Had LR marketed it as "Defender ii", maybe would have gone over better with the traditionalist. Just like "series ii" and "Discovery 2,3, and 4".
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    'Viral' Instagram Discovery Evolution Pic FIXED

    Maybe because it looks lot like a $35k SUV. Even the names (Explorer/Discovery) are similar.
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    Rank my shopping list

    Agreed winch>locker - I have both. Even with both, I dont go out alone! More fun (and safe) with friends 🍻