Miami, Fl native born to Cuban parents. Got the old-car/motorcycle bug as a kid and bought my first car at 18, a 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 that promptly gave up the ghost as I pulled into my parents driveway (huge learning curve). Skip years and a ton of other old cars, bikes, jobs, cities and I arrive in Medellin for work in November 2016 meet my future wife and here I am. We're set to take off next year on our own rtw trip. Plan is to head south, then north, then ??.

If you're in Medellin or plan to come here in the next year feel free to ping me!
Apr 13, 1984 (Age: 37)
Medellin, Colombia
Which COUNTRY or PLANET outside of the USA would you like to visit the most? OUTSIDE OF "United States".
Technical Sourcer not to be confused with Technical Sourcerer
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1952 GMC Carryall in the works


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