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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    It is quite common to have relief tubes on aircraft, so just tell everyone you are an ex-F15 fight jockey and it is the only way you can relieve yourself now. :rolleyes: The Ford/Chevy version The RAM version
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    2002 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 w/ Sub Frame & Super Singles ($22.5k)

    From drive 'slow' trucks (Fuso FG and Mercedes 1017), if you can maintain or be slightly faster than the semi-truck (class 8) traffic, both on the flats and the hills, life is good. On freeways, you just fall into the 'Elefantenmarsch' (German term for a long line of trucks). And 55 mph is fine...
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    2002 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 w/ Sub Frame & Super Singles ($22.5k)

    With super singles like this one has (I also had an '02 with 37s), 55mph is the happy relaxed cruising speed, which returns good gas mileage. 62 mph is doable, with 65 mph in general max. I've been to 70 mph downhill trying to pick up speed for the next hill, and it is 'uncomfortable' IMO. That...
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    2002 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 w/ Sub Frame & Super Singles ($22.5k)

    Perhaps do it now so it is turn-key for the next owner and bump the price by $1,500?
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    2002 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 w/ Sub Frame & Super Singles ($22.5k)

    That is quite the head start for someone with the super singles and subframe already completed. And certainly a good price with those items. I'd wish you good luck with your sale, but this will probably be sold within a week. (y)
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    Cool Iveco van

    Cool find. Nice, it has "5.9 Cummings Turbo Diesel And A Allison Automatic", BUT "Unfortunately There Is Some Damage On The Passenger Side" so as the seller I will only post photos of the front, back and driver's side in my Craigslist ad. 🤬 and "There Is A Huge Amount Of High-Performance...
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    Recirculating Showers? "The combined effects of ultra-violet light (UV)-induced DNA damage, thermal inactivation, and photo-oxidative destruction inactivate disease-causing organisms." The CDC is focused on "proven treatment options are widely implemented in many...
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    AEV Prospector XL Flatbed Adventure Rig

    Maybe I misunderstand, but sticking with Dodge (this thread's brand), the Power Wagon comes stock with 4.10 gears and both the Laramie and Big Horn have 4.10s as a $145 option From the Build a Ram website Power Wagon Laramie and Big Horn And Nitro Gears sells everything up to a 5.13 FYI I...
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    Kenworth K270/K370 and Peterbilt Model 200 4x4 Conversion and Misc Questions

    Now an option on the Ford Raptor
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    2010 International, 4x4, Chassis-cab, diesel, manual, locker, 86k (eBay), $29.5k, TN Disclaimer - no relationship with the seller or vehicle.
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    Regular truck vs Chassis Cab Frame

    If it was shipped from the manufacturer as a chassis cab it will have an incomplete sticker on the door and then hopefully a 'completed' sticker by who finished (installed the flatbed, etc) it.
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    Diesel Multi Language Decals

    Here is a different style
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    Continental MPT81 on Non-Beadlock wheels?

    There are many reasons why all the European spare no expense Overland/expo builders like Unicat, Bliss, etc use super single on their trucks. And remember they have very strict oversight from the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein). The same reasons that EarthRoamer, EarthCruiser, etc in the US...
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    Continental MPT81 on Non-Beadlock wheels?

    (1) Even the US military 'switched' to super singles on all of their trucks quite a while ago. (2) While certainly 'run-flats' and 'bead-locks' can be used with single-piece rims (if designed for that application), you can see from the photos below that the two-piece rim (bolted together-why...
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    1124 AF Double Cab

    Here in the USA we just have a problem with people stealing catalytic converters. Not as bad as in the UK where it looks like they steal sections of your frame! ;)