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    badm0t0rfinger's 2014 Raptor build

    I moved that bundle up on my 2014 Raptor and used a frame clip to hold it on the outside of that body mount in your picture. I used some fiber inner duct used to protect fiber optics cable to cover and protect it around the mount. There is also a bundle exposed below the front fender well liner...
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    Which AGM batteries for solar?

    No one mentioned the durability of AGM. I replaced three trolling motor batteries, high end wet cell that typically last two to three years in my bass boat, with AGM's almost six years ago and they are still running strong. Most of the degradation of the wet cells in a boat is due to vibration...
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    2nd Gen Raptor Thoughts/Comments

    My Gen 1 tow's great within its limits. No issues with my 20ft bassboat ( about 5000lbs). Gen 2 is better. No shortage of power for whatever your towing with either one. They are quite thirsty while hauling as I averaged about 9.5 mpg on the last 1200 mile trip to MN and back. I also had a lot...
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    2nd Gen Raptor Thoughts/Comments

    You get a substantially upgraded suspension with longer travel, which is why it’s wider, and linear springs which is why the payload sucks. My Gen1 is very good, durable, and will eat up roads that a power-wagon or standard F150 would be uncomfortable on at speed. The Gen2 with active shocks is...
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    2nd Gen Raptor Thoughts/Comments

    If you don’t need the payload and understand how it will be used, then go for it. It’s really not much worse than the power-wagon on payload. I have had a Gen1 for six years with many friends in gen2's. I am also a big fan of the power-wagon and have two friends with them I wheel and work with...
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    Super Duty Power Wagon competitor

    Moderator should clean this thread up! It was good at one point. I would trade my Gen 1 Raptor for the “right” version of this Ford PW. The only other truck I would consider is an actual power-wagon. I wouldn’t trade for a Gen2 Raptor either, just not sold on its overall reliability and...
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    F250/350 6.2L real world mpg?

    My 2014 Raptor is the 6.2 with a small bump in HP, 4.10s, 6 speed and weighs close to the F250, but slightly less aerodynamic as far as bricks go. It also runs 35 inch KO2 for comparison. I have averaged 12.5 over its lifetime at 90000 miles. It can get 13-14 if i keep my foot under control...
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    Circuit Breaker Sizing for Winches

    I used a 400A MEGA fuse and holder on my 10k Smittybuilt. It has done some tough pulls over the last five years without any issues. I was mostly concerned about a short due to a collision and it’s cheap insurance.
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    Single burner propane with VERY low simmer setting?

    I use the snow peak gigapower. It's a very good small stove for cooking. The windscreen also helps. I have a couple that are close to ten years old with no issues...
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    2012 F-150 FX4 - Overland Build

    A 35" tire will fit with a little room left. The Raptor uses the same space for 35's and the space should be the same.
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    Camp chair for a big guy that still packs down small...

    ARB chair has been a good one for me. I wish it packed down a little smaller, but for its comfort and durability, it's worth the little extra size.
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    On Road Amber Lights

    I have these on my Raptor for both on road and off road use and they are great. SAE compliant and you can put whatever color lens is appropriate on them. I use amber covers most of the time so I can change with the conditions. If your dead set on amber you can also by them with Amber Lenses...
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    Fire extinguishers

    I don't know much about fire extinguishers but my neighbor is quite the expert. He hooked me up with two of these that I keep mounted in my Truck. Having used one on an electrical fire on a friends electrical time-bomb, I was very impressed with the functionality and zero mess afterwards.
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    Backup Parts and Gear to Carry on Expedition

    As LR Max Said, It's vehicle specific and to some degree, specific to the area of exploration and the size of the group. When I am exploring in Colorado on a trail that is 100 miles from anywhere, I carry more fluids, and parts than I would if there is an Autozone 5 miles from the local...
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    Soft shackle vs iron shackle

    I will throw in my 2 cents here only because I use most of the products mentioned. I use the Flatlink on the end of a 10000lb winch loaded with synthetic. I always use a traditional Shackle on it, typically attached to a strap or two connected to those hard to use factory recovery points with...