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    For the smaller in stature 😃
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    Pictures of Food Cooked in the Great Outdoors

    Dinner tonight under the Milky Way
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    2014/1994 Stewart Stevenson - MTV 6X6 Aussy2 3116 CAT $240,450.00

    Sorry if I missed this in the posting or your web site Does this vehicle have a VIN? Has it been registered and do you have a title?
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    Anyone using Racor garage hoist to store RTT?

    Just track it with CamelCamelCamel it will alert you when the price drops
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    Earthroamer - Living full time questions

    So you are an Owner? many details on where you’ve been? Where you had to stay away. Any first hand info would be greatly appreciated. It’s just so interesting that there is absolutely nothing showing the capabilities/limits of these
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    Earthroamer - Living full time questions

    Luckily I’m not being forced into a decision too quickly. I’ve been looking pretty hard at EC as an option, but keep coming back to ER. I even toyed with Sprinter variants but nixed that pretty quickly. The off road limits of the ER is what is holding me back right now. Amazing how little...
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    Removable front winch mounting

    So why does Warn sell these? So no bueno?
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    Lets talk shovels

    I guess sarcasm gets lost on the interwebs I thought it was funny my shovel had a “Fragile” sticker on it shovel is actually great
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    Lets talk shovels

    I bought this shovel years ago and I’m too scared to use it 😲
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    Goodyear G275 MSA 335/80R20 Tires - Where to buy and how expensive?

    I had similar Questions and I received this info
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    Fuso FM260-Based Expedition Vehicle

    Should we read this as the vehicle is looking for a new caretaker? Reading your post leads me to believe it has a soul and needs more than an owner.
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    Sale Pending! Award winning f550 based full custom camper, a lifting roof Earthroamer on steroids. $225k

    As everyone else has said, great looking vehicle with obvious attention to details. Given the sliding nature of the top, how does it do in below freezing temps? for example, what could you reasonably keep the inside temp at if the outside temp was 20F? How about performance when -10F Thanks much
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    EarthCruiser EXP from a Sportsmobile Perspective

    Thanks so much for the write up and the great pictures. Much more helpful than classified ads and their pics
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    Earthroamer - Living full time questions

    I was just being a smart ******😄 I really do appreciate the comments