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    Scott B.'s Little Guy Offroad Teardrop Build

    Love your trailer. If I got a little guy I'm pretty sure I would do the exact same thing as you. Just out of curiosity, about how long does it take them to build a custom trailer like yours?
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    FM82 Offroad Teardrop Build

    I like where this build is going. I'm in the planning stages on my trailer and I think your build may help provide some guidance. Are those 31" tires? And is your frame build out of 2"x2"? Also, love the jeep.
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    UAV-TD (Urban Assualt Vehicle - tear drop) build

    Hi, I've been admiring your trailer for a while, and I've been thinking about building something similar. I'm currently trying to decide how/where I would like to place my water tank and was hoping you could lend some advice. It looks like yours is centered above your axle, are you happy with...