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    Tarp for sleeping in the back of a short bed Tacoma?

    I used to use a tarp over a PVC pipe frame to camp in the back of my '84 Toyota pickup and it worked ok. It worked fine for rain but since I left the tailgate end open for air circulation it wouldn't protect me from bugs. I didn't have major issues with bugs because I was usually camping up in...
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    It's a start

    That's what I was wondering, it looks heavy and indestructible but maybe they are using thin wall tubing to cut the weight.
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    Small van build (again!)

    Fantastic! Looks to be a great layout for such a small area. I really like your custom cooktop.
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    First freeze of the season

    I don't know if that will work in your situation but that's how my father used to keep the pipes under our house and the pump on our well from freezing in the winter in North Carolina. The house was an old farm house with just stacked rocks for a foundation and the well was really just a spring...
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    The $264 1991 F250. Talk some sense into me

    Everyone has already mentioned everything I would have suggested with the main things for me being Brakes, Fluids and Belts/Hoses. Stuff that tends to dry out when vehicles don't get driven much. Best Case, you don't blend in with everyone else cruising the freeways and you have a great trip...
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    Our new Global Expedition Adventure truck

    Beautiful truck, have fun!
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    HillBillyRV Build Thread - 87 Ford E350 Quadravan Pathfinder Conversion

    In high school my friends parents had an early eighties F-150 step side 4x4 and it was white and baby blue, white roof and rockers, baby blue everywhere else. I always loved that color on an older Ford and I think it would look great and period correct on your RV.
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    2017 Renegade 1.4 turbo

    I love the Abarth badge. Any plans to tune the motor any? I still love the platform and would still like to get one. I just couldn't pass on the WJ and buying it sucked up what would have been the down payment.
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    2017 Renegade 1.4 turbo

    I was very interested in these when I was searching for a new commuter car. If I was going to get something with a four cylinder then I wanted a stick. I liked that the engine is basically the same one they put in the Fiat 500 Abarth so there are lots of upgrades available. Ultimately I found a...
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    Central American Expedition Vehicle Question

    Thanks for the replies. I am going to start with the Toyota I already have and see what I can come up with. The main reason I was considering getting a truck in CA was that I could start with a diesel platform to build off of.
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    Central American Expedition Vehicle Question

    I am new to this site and I am loving all the great info!!! I currently own a well used '84 Toyota regular cab 4WD and I am starting to give more serious thought to converting it from a beat up trail truck to a more usable expedition type vehicle. I would love to do some exploring in and around...
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    Sam's 84 Expo Build

    Nice work so far! I noticed you have a factory round tube bumper for now. Those things are nearly indestructible, I had one on my '84 long bed (before i bobbed the bed to short bed length) and I have been rear ended twice with the only damage to my truck being bent bumper brackets(both times the...