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    Tire Chains

    I recall, vaguely, that the clearance issue was with some component near the inside of the wheel.
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    FGB71 transfer case actuator light not lit

    I have a 2015 fg72s and the light was not coming on or engaging. For a second I would see a vacuum light on at times upon startup but went off quickly. I took it to a shop where they could put it on a lift to check easily. There is a small vacuum tube on the side of the transfer case that had a...
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    Online Parts

    I have had good luck with this site.
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    Raw water system

    Almost looks like my SAFH2O system minus another filter and uv light.
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    Full timing in a Fuso FG140

    We have been full time for 3 years and 5 months. Still haven't got out of the states, but we are developing a 40 acre ranch. Which is what we had been searching for for 2 1/2 years. Living the dream, living the journey! Enjoy yourselves!
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    Looking to buy a 4x4 Fuso FG

    I have an All Terrain Warrior 2015 Fuso FG4X4 with around 40k miles, Expedition ready and EXPENSIVE!
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    Tuning a fuso any experience with

    I would like to have more power too, 2015 FGB72S.
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    Spare wheel winch/lift/crane -ideas, please?

    Take a look at Everlanders setup on YouTube might be useful to you. I have an ATW FGB72 with a winch attached to 2 spares on the back of the camper box. Tou probably have seen this setup.
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    Front lockers not engaging

    Yeah, I had an appointment today for 48k maintenance was going to have them check it but i can't get out on our icy ridge road so I had to cancel. I just got a recall notice also for an HC and Oil contamination prevention package. I'll have to take it a few hours away to an authorized service...
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    Front lockers not engaging

    Lately my FGB72S front lockers are not engaging. Any ideas what is going on. I had an outfit regrease the hubs while back, wonder3if they didn't use proper grease...
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    Best lighting setup to see cattle at night

    I would recommend Rigid Industries E 10" combo flood/spot light. $$$ but worth it especially when you start to see black angus cows on the side of road 200 yards out in the black of night on the open range while cruising at 60 mph. Speaking from experience of course.