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  • Do you know if it would have any problem passing California emissions? Also, are there any mechanical problems that need to be addressed immediaetly? Do you think it could be driven to California or does it need to be trailered? Lastly, have you thought about my offer?

    Thanks again.
    Hi. The RRC would drive to California without any issues. There are no known issues with the motor or drivetrain. I don't know anything about California emissions, where the vehicle is registered in Oregon, emissions testing is not required. However, I used to have the vehicle in Las Vegas where it no problem passing emissions tests.
    Thanks for the information. I'm interested if you decide to lower the price. Lastly, any fluid leaks.
    Hi. I'm new to the forum and I'm interested in your RRC. I was wondering if you would take $8500. I had a 1993 RRC a few years ago that I sold and I wish I kept it. I live in Northern California and am a serious buyer.

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