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    Camodog Gladiator Build Thread

    Looks like the majority of the bolt-on parts from JL will fit on the Gladiator, which mean that you have a huge choice of upgrades. Looking forward to seeing the completed build!
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    I hope they keep the classic exterior design key and wouldn't do much crazy stuff. I really like how the new generation G-Class looks, minimal changes and so much character. The side view reminds me the silhouette of the...Kia Soul
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    '08 Pathfinder V8 Overland Build-Diesel Heater, Sleeping Platform, Sink, Sprayer...

    That set of switches is pretty cool, are you going to mount them on a pillar or anywhere on the center console? Do they come with some kind of a plastic surrounding to fit nicely in a custom cutout?
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    Cars of Tahiti...

    Land Cruiser 70 is my all-time favorite. And I've never seen a Patrol pickup, looks to be stock, not a custom conversion.
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    Base G-Class converted to 4x4 squared

    I love the aesthetics of the G-Class, and especially the offroad specced, so I decided to share the pics of this beast. It appeared that this vehicle is basically the G63 put on aftermarket portals and fitted with oversized fenders, which seems like a great idea for an upgrade, because it's...
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    2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD render with off-road mods

    I don't think so, but as far as I know they completely modify the rear suspension for desert racing and use shocks with long travel.
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    2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD render with off-road mods

    So Chevy presented the new Silverado HD if you haven't heard of it: Even though the design of the new 2020 Silverado 2500HD is far away from being everyone's cup of tea I still feel like there's a good potential for mods...
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    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Another awesome Nissan Xterra with pretty impressive off-road modifications and overland gear. Stock Xterra can only dream about this flex. Nissan Xterra Overland Build with 35 Inch Tires and Lift – Pics and Spec List
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Stumbled upon these tasty tacos on a website about lowered cars, cool ha?
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    The Restoration And Build Thread For My 1992 FJ80

    Fantastic build! Good luck with it! LS or 2JZ is what I dream about from time to time.
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    Latest Photo?

    I'll post it for a gentleman who doesn't speak English. Super clean JDM Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 78 series on perfectly sized offroad wheels. Pictures and credit:
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    The Rig Runner ...a 2010 E350 5.4 DIY Coil Conversion

    Absolutely awesome looking van. I was always a fan of the E-series. Good luck with the project! I know the tastes are different, but what do you think about painting the rims black?
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Great job and excellent quality on that grille. I am sure it will be popular among the JK owners just as the 2015 & UP F150 to Raptor conversion grilles. I see the conversion grilles on these trucks everywhere I go.
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    Random Scenic Shots

    Beautiful pictures! Glad to see the Pathfinder / Terrano on the road!
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    Importing a G?

    Actually G-Class is not that cheap in Europe either. Looks like they are picking up in value there too. The cheapest that I've seen for sale on a German website was around 8k Euro, and it didn't really look attractive to me.