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    How Do You Keep Your Children Busy on a Road Trip?

    Put them in the kennel and give them squeaky toys..
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    A discussion about Rover pricing....are values really gone this high?

    People aren't buying new that drives used prices up. I've been looking for an LR4 the last few months. First problem is they are sold quick..Second is prices have increased enormously..enough to make me consider a new Disco..
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    New hiking boots or sneakers to hike the Bruce Trail

    I've been wearing Merrell Moab for hiking and now even daily wear at the ranch.. comfortable and tough..
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    New Bronco

    It's small, reminds me of a Jeep Compass.. interior is poorly designed and again small..it's sad being a long time Ford owner and Bronco of old fan what they built is a new Bronco 2..
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    New Bronco

    After initial excitement I laid my eyes on 2 new Broncos..How disappointed I was can't be expressed..Back to the Land Rover dealer I go..
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    Dead in the water.....need advice on what to do with my bum motor. 2006 Montero

    Try Gearheadengines.com for what's invested i would replace the motor.. They warranty motors and back it up..I've had good luck with them in the past..
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    Bronco Killer: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 470HP 392 CONFIRMED for 2021 Q1 sales.

    470 HP Jeep is about as useless as my brother in law..
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    Save The Rovers

    Take a look if it's decent I'm a buyer..Will even go and get..PM me if you get a chance to look it over..
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    New Raptor..Ram killer

    If they climb K2, get 60 mpg and have tires that never wear out I guarantee someone's Porsche can do it better,faster and can carry almost as much toilet paper...Charmin of course..Can't beat a Porsche
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    What generation 7.3L F250/F350 is better to start with?

    I wouldn't trade my 2000 F250 for anything. We have 465,000 on it and the only major has been an injection pump. Bought it new and it's used hard. Probably the best trucks ever built..
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    New Raptor..Ram killer

    Actually I believe the discussion was about putting a Hellcat motor in a pickup..So when you can put a pop up tent, ARB fridge and a camp stove with a half ton of gear in a Widowmaker get back to me..
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    New Raptor..Ram killer

    Why on God's green earth should I jump through hoops..You have obviously considered all your assumptions to be fact..enjoy your school yard tantrum...
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    New Raptor..Ram killer

    For an extra $100,000 that a good deal..
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    New Raptor..Ram killer

    LOL...I talked with the owner and his response was a single digit salute..Keep guessing..
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    New Raptor..Ram killer

    So I called my buddy and asked what had been done to the car..your right it's a 2.5 pulley Kik. Injectors, air intake and exhaust system. 100 hp nitrous kit and it's run on 100 octane fuel..by the way can be purchased locally for $6.90 a gallon. As you can probably figure it's not a daily...