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    Can I mount an Autohome Maggiolina to 1-5/16" tubing?

    Yes. We can supply the appropriate mounting hardware. Give us a call or e-mail us.
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    The storage net in my Columbus is pregnant and sagging :-(

    Call us. We can get ANY AutoHome part even though we don't have them all on the website.
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    Do you guys use your HARDSHELL RTT in the winter?

    Many AutoHome owners leave their tents on year-round. Others take them off and store them. I don't think it makes much difference to the tent's durability... they still last a looooong time.
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    Hardshell Tents Colors vs. Temperature

    I dark colored tent will always be hotter inside - - whether you are in it or it is stored or traveling. Laws of physics at work. I do not think that it effects the gelcoat much, if at all. When customers want a dark colored tent I always advise them of this. That said, many of our customers...
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    why are rooftop tents so expensive?

    jacobconroy No, I do not remember this or exactly when it might have happened. The company is small and when I encountered some severe family challenges several years ago, I could not devote much time to the businessand it suffered. These issues have been resolved and since that time we have...
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    Maggiolina Grand Tour 360 - US availability? Does anyone have one?

    This is a brand new model, and I wasn't able to actiually see one until they were shown in our booth at SEMA. We have these on order but not yet available from our warehouse. We are adding them to our website, but not until we actually have them in stock. A month or two, I think.
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    Waterproof Upland Hunting Pants

    I like Filson single tin chaps
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    LugEr pistol

    Most Lugers are chambered for the 380 cartridge. Not really an effective ‘stopper’ cartridge,but better than a .22 rimfire.
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    Automhome Columbus Variant - Review

    We spoke to the manufacturers late last year and asked them to rectify this shortcoming. The latest batch of tents were delivered with a modified latch that should solve this problem. We have seen this issue on tents mounted on full rack systems but not when they are fitted to crossbars as...
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    Front Runner Rack Roof Tent Mount Kit

    We have installed Front Runner crossbars and kits in several vehicles. Our tents have rigid structral bottom platforms and do not require the cross support brace pieces, so we usually omit them. The rest of the kit is well and and easy to install.
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    why are rooftop tents so expensive?

    I must be one of those douchebags. I have been importing and selling RTTs for over 15 years... You are a consumer and are free to buy, build, innovate, or whatever, as you like. You make your choices. Customers (quite reasonably) demand some reasonable level of services. They want to know that...
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    Autohome and OK4WD form Strategic Partnership

    Expanded AutoHome distribution to serve the East coast Stewartsville, New Jersey - OK4WD is now the east coast distributor of Autohome products. Autohome pioneered roof top tents in 1958 with the Air-Camping and Maggiolina models. Since their creation, the world's top adventurists have relied...
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    Identify Your Enemies - How are Enviro/Eco Groups Funded?

    Well, I've only read the first four pages fo this thread, but that is enough to convince me to read no further. I suggest that ripping the shirt of the other guy's back does not make yours any warmer. Grow up. Think. Act like adults.
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    WTB: Hardshell near SW USA (Tucson, AZ)

    Please call me - we may have something that you would like. 888-852-2359
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    Grizzly bear hunts

    Well said. In NW Montana grizzlies are spreading out from the mountains on to the plains and are seen even near Great Falls. They have, in some cases, become habituated to farmers' corn and grain fields. They have not been seen in these areas for as much as 100 years. I think that given a...