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    Anderson Connectors for 12v fridge

    Nothing wrong with the hella - National Luna fridges in South Africa all come pre wired with the hella plug. That being said, the Anderson plug is a more positive connection.
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    FJ Cruiser or Tacoma for Touring

    For 2 people the FJ is perfect. We have done a couple of 5000+km 3 week trips carrying around 500kg of gear without any problems, but organization is the key.
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    Full Size Overlanding In Namibia/Botswana?

    The track of a full size rig is the major problem. Most of the “roads“ are 2 spoor ( tracks) created by Land cruiser, Landies etc which would necessitate a full size vehicle riding with one side in the track and the other uphill in the bush - not impossible but making it an unpleasant journey
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    Around Africa in a Shorty - Now includes Australia in an older Shorty

    Great pics - Namibia gets under ones skin. We leave for Damaraland and Kaokoland in 2 weeks time - can’t wait
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    40 Guy builds a 100 Series

    Any reason you didn’t make the front face of the fridge drawer the same height as the left drawer so they match?
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    Best warm weather desert tent?

    We have an OzTent RV5 and have used it in both Namibia and Botswana. Daytime temperatures were in the low 40 deg C and not much lower at night. We also slept through a sand storm in the Namib desert. I cannot recommend it highly enough for desert conditions. It is made from a ripstop polycotton...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    I think the interior is a work of art with more than a nod to both the Defender & early Disco
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    Let's talk frying pans

    This is what we use - brilliant quality, easy stack ability and can be used on gas, electric and the fire
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    Around Africa in a Shorty - Now includes Australia in an older Shorty

    Check out - lots of info re Southern Africa travel
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    Camp Cover Ammo Boxes

    In South Africa most of the camping/4x4 suppliers offer the same wolf boxes but with their own branding on them.
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    New to me G550

    Check out Front Runner for roof rack and ladder and Entdecker G wagon for other cool ideas for a G
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    Front runner can - no leaks from the tap but did have to file top of the filler smooth so the cap would seat properly to eliminate that leak.
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    DC-DC battery charger under hood?

    We have a Cetek 250 dual mounted in the engine compartment and on our Botswana trip external temperatures reached 42 deg C and the charger was fine even though the specs state a max operating temperature of 50 deg C. Another option is the Projecta IDC25 that is designed for...
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Laser Punch and Bend in Port Elizabeth South Africa - unfortunately other side of pond from you - but any engineering works with a CNC press brake and punch should be able to provide