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    Early Bronco Expo Trailer Build

    That's an older Coleman Camp Kitchen - all stainless steel and very sturdy. They don't make that model any longer, but if you look around on CL they can be found used every now and then. Sent from my fart smone using crapatalk
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    Help a brother out - Post up some pics and details of your RTT lift systems

    This worked well for me: Not sure I wouldn't do it differently, or will change it up in the future, but for now it works good. I might change the gas struts out for linear actuators, or build my own...
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    Trasharoo w/ExPo Logo Group Buy - Round 5!

    Payment and info sent for 2 in Tan w/ Black logo! Thank you!! -Miguel
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    Early Bronco Expo Trailer Build

    Yep, I'm still here - and the trailer still works great! I have lot's of current pictures, but they are all just camping pic's. It works so well that all we've done is use it :smiley_drive: Still haven't painted it, but am planning to do so. For those that were disappointed to see the...
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    The “80% Done but Good Enough for Government Work” Build

    Being an 80% guy myself, and a bit jealous of your wandering spirit, I'm coming along for the ride! :beer:
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    12V chainsaw

    A lot of excellent advice here to consider - thank you! The Silky Katanaboy has peaked my interest... I do have bow saws, pruning saws, axes, and real chain saws that I use when appropriate. I was thing of something high quality that works really well, that I can just leave in the rig and...
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    12V chainsaw

    Does anyone make, or has anybody here ever heard of a 12V chainsaw? I am not interested in cordless (don't need the dead battery at the wrong time issue) or gas powered (makes the Jeep smell funny inside). I picture a 12V version wired up with a 20 foot or so cord that plugs into my quick...
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    Early Bronco Expo Trailer Build

    The forward uprights are 1x2 and the rears are 1x1 - both 1/8 wall. The tongue is 3x3 and is 3/16 wall. Edit - the tongue is 3x3, not 4x4 as I previously posted. Sent from my fart smone using crapatalk
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    Of Dust and Sunstones - a SE Oregon adventure

    So, this a semi-maiden voyage for the recently semi-completed early Bronco adventure trailer. The trailer build thread is here: Anyway, we left Bend on Friday morning with our final destination for the day...
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    Early Bronco Expo Trailer Build

    It's actually quite stable - pinning the forward vertical legs to the lower rack sidebar puts them in bending and stabilizes things quite well. I had thought a diagonal would be needed, but have decided not to do so now. We've spent several nights in it with no worries. I did install two gas...
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    Early Bronco Expo Trailer Build

    Well, the trailer has been on two trips so far and is headed out on a third this coming weekend. Not much I would change really, it works damn near perfectly as it is! Still working on my Jerry can mounts, and planning for a battery install with LED lights and cell charger ports in the tent...
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    Restored Mog Radio truck

    Read the ad - it says 90%, not 90 degrees. That is roughly 42 degrees. Sent from my fart smone using crapatalk
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    Optima battery question(s)

    I've had one red top bought new in '04, two Odysseys new in '01, one Odyessy new in '04, and an Odyessy bought new in '12. The Optima and all "older" Odyessys are still going strong to this day with no maintenance. All are left in the vehicles, without maintainers or being disconnected, and...
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    Early Bronco Expo Trailer Build

    RTT..!! Not too bad I guess, 2 hours to install the RTT and set it up the first time. Considering there were no directions (wouldn't matter, I never read those things anyway), and my wife was helping me (please hand me the clicky thing and the screwdriver that is pokey like a knife, then hold...
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    Early Bronco Expo Trailer Build

    Getting closer! Got my second set of shocks mounted up this morning, then started painting the frame and rack system. Setting the bed back on the frame, with 1/4" rubber cushions between the frame and body mounts. Ready for the tonneau and rack system (freshly painted) to go back on. My...