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    Vehicle Selection Dilemma

    Re-live your the van and hit the road!
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    It's Friday, let's talk cocktails.

    Another vote for the G/T...with lemon, not lime. I prefer a rather pedestrian London Dry: Gordon’s. But there are some very interesting craft tonics out there these days.
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    Experience with black AT Overland Atlas or Summit

    Color absolutely has an effect on inside temps. The white topper on my Dodge was much cooler than the dark blue one on my current Chevy. Somewhere here there was discussion about the location of the color. IIRC, the most benefit was with a white roof, the sides were negligible. You might try a...
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    Simple awning.

    Just be sure to stake it down or a big sneeze will turn it into origami. Exaggerating...but do it. They're not designed to be freestanding.
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    GMT800 2500 - Wide tires & broken pitman arm

    You'll probably be OK with 35 psi depending on how you "load" them up meaning speed during turns, the composition of the material you're driving on, etc. I'd be careful below 20 psi where you would typically be running them in sand.
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    ARB awning to Thule loadbars

    I used simple “L” brackets, don’t remember the size. The holes lined up perfectly, measure from the center of each each mounting groove and then match it up with the bracket at your favorite home center/hardware store.
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    Looking for Fridge Slide Mounting Ideas: Pickup Truck Bed

    Same issue with mine...will follow for suggestions. (y)
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    GMT800 2500 - Wide tires & broken pitman arm

    Plenty of stories about 285/75-16s rolling off the stock rims when pressures are lowered. I went one size up from the stock 245s to 265s and am "happy" with them, but also considering the 255s when it comes time to change them out. On my last rig, I went with 285s and aftermarket rims but was...
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    Guinevere - our $800 Dodge Ram Expedition Rig

    My '96 4x4 with the 5.9l had 302k miles on it when I sold it to my mechanic's son. He's still out thrashing it in the desert. Treat it right and it will last! The pic in my sig was taken on the Steen's Mountain Rd. in Oregon.
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    Harbor Freight Jack Stands Recalled for Risk of Collapsing

    I agree that a robust QC protocol of suppliers (both domestic and foreign) and penalties for retailers that knowingly sell dangerous/defective products would be best practice. Considering the context of this thread it’s apparent to me that HF conducted due diligence in the matter and I‘m more...
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    WTB: Replacement Pole End Kit (x2) for Rhino Rack Batwing

    Check out 4Wheel Parts. They show in stock.
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    K5 Camper. My offroad home away from home.

    This: “Say what you will about keeping an original truck original if they are useless to drive when you want to what's the point?” 👍
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    2006 Dodge Mega cab camper home build (with Pictures)

    Nicely done, sir. I’ve always thought that a simple canopy on top of a service body would make a decent camping rig. You’ve really expanded on that with your custom work. 👍
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    Harbor Freight Jack Stands Recalled for Risk of Collapsing

    They’re going to take back ANY of the 3-ton and 6-ton stands if you’re feeling nervous about them, regardless of serial numbers. My 6-tons were not originally recalled but I’m going to check my serial numbers again and ponder my next step. Kudos to the owner for acting so quickly.
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    Warn Trans4mer on Silverado 2500HD or any other

    I have noticed no difference in temps with the Warn. I may change out the trans cooler anyway; it’s pitifully small.