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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    I'm not too familiar with the Toyota trim levels but I've seen the seats described as coming from the "XLE", "XLE Touring", "XLE 7 Passenger". I think the seats are optional within that trim level so not all XLEs have recliners.
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    What other front seats are somehow "Adaptable" for a Ford E series van

    Recaro's are not manufactured in Germany like they used to be. Their quality has declined since they were bought by a huge conglomerate and production outsourced. The Scheel-Mann seats are still manufactured in the same village outside of Stuttgart Germany, since the 1960's. Leading orthopedic...
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    That diff is oriented correctly. That's what a Sterling 9.75 looks like.
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    Thinking about replacing the plywood floor in sprinter with rubber stall mat.

    I use a vulcanized rubber mat in our van (and a few customer vans) and it holds up really well, cleans up easy and does have some good insulation properties. In almost two years in our daily driver, I haven't been bothered by the smell at all. We let the mats air out for a few days before...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    All of the pertinent stuff is on the high speed bus for Ford. The Cummins ECM has only a 500k "CANC" for the vehicle interface and three J1939 for emissions and VGT. Data is coming hot and fast on a vehicle with 20+ modules. You'r lucky that early Sprinter is "less complex" than say a Raptor or...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    I will reiterate a previous post of mine... Make sure you're not counting on the Arduino hardware to handle anything super important because they aren't so stable with high bus least not in a 'count on it every day, all day' sort of way like most automotive electronics these days...
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    Factory 4WD/AWD on Ford Transit?

    I know right? Seemed like it made sense. Might just mean a different van model with 4motion may be coming in the future??? Transit Custom like the Europeans have maybe? I'm excited for the AWD, especially if it is similar to the current Transit and shares parts with other US based vehicles.
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    Factory 4WD/AWD on Ford Transit?

    Once again Ford does something awesome but it makes me scratch my head. I can't wait to see what components they're using for AWD!
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    Factory 4WD/AWD on Ford Transit?

    My prediction is that Ford won't have an AWD Transit until the VW joint venture is worked out. It doesn't make much sense to design a USA-specific Transit AWD system to span 1-2 models years then transition over to VW's 4motion or equivalent. I'm not a VP or the CEO at Ford though so I can't...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    You may not have this issue because of the year of the vehicle you're working with (and it's CAN bus simplicity compared to newer vehicles) but I found the Arduino to be too unstable to handle too much "traffic" on the bus. My application was a bit more complicated (actually, a lot more...
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    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Still have the tank. need it outta here. Make me a reasonable offer via pm or email This was only in the van for a couple thousand miles before it got to my shop. Comes with all of the brackets and hardware. I can show you how to make this work in an older van too.
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    The slot/tab feature in SW '18-up is both awesome and super frustrating at the same time. I use it, but...sometimes I want to throw my laptop across the shop. :)
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    Sometimes projects of this magnitude are just fun, challenging and great learning experiences. I get asked all the time how I justified the Cummins swap in my van. Financially, it doesn't make much sense. It will never pencil out with fuel mileage savings or "I use the van for XXXX so I...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    Would it be less work to fabricate the knuckle and use the Sprinter's unit bearing? Not sure what you'd have to do to adapt the axle but maybe you'd get lucky. This will be interesting to follow. I've been through a lot of the challenges you're working through right now while designing our...