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    Plywood thickness for sleeping platform.

    I posted this on another thread but here goes anyway. I built this a while back, I can sleep on it alone with the bike tray in the lower position. Flip over the bike tray onto the upper supports and it is almost a queen size for two. I used 3/4 ply from Home Depot because I didn't want...
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    Insurance for hard side truck campers

    Does this mean USAA only covers it when it is sitting on the truck? I have USAA and will be getting a truck camper in the future, and it will be off the truck a lot.
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    Hard shell tent?

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but Aliner and others make A-frame trailers like the one above but new and fancier. A quick google will net you results from several manufacturers. If you are looking for an actual hardside tent as opposed to a trailer, I have not seen that.
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    Charging a Jackery with a Renogy Solar suitcase

    Ok, good to know. The Jackery must take current at a higher rate when coming from 110v than from 12v. I have an inverter in my truck so I'll experiment with that instead of the 12v plug. Thanks.
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    Charging a Jackery with a Renogy Solar suitcase

    So you take current from the truck's 12v socket, convert it to 110v, then send it back to the battery pack. Wouldn't it be more efficient to just send 12v from the socket straight to the battery pack, save the losses from conversion? You can only provide what the truck's 12v socket can give...
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    Charging a Jackery with a Renogy Solar suitcase

    How do you power the inverter?
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    Portable Bluetooth Speakers

    I agree with Nailhead, except I have the smaller Boom 3. I am not really sure why manufacturers put built in audio systems in trailers and truck campers any more, I guess some people are still using CD's- which is fine. I take my bluetooth speaker everywhere, couldn't be easier and more...
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    Charging a Jackery with a Renogy Solar suitcase

    I haven't charged it with solar yet, but one of the more common criticisms of this unit is that it is slow to charge. This isn't a problem for me given my uses, and I think the newer ones are faster. If I needed a unit for longer term use and recharge through solar or car jack every day I...
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    Charging a Jackery with a Renogy Solar suitcase

    Ok, I did some internet searching and here is what I came up with. I can use my current Renogy solar suitcase to charge the Jackery with a third party cable that has solar inputs on one end and the 8mm DC input on the other. I need to bypass the Renogy's charge controller, which is easy given...
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    Charging a Jackery with a Renogy Solar suitcase

    I bought a Renogy Solar Suitcase recently to provide another source of charging for my trailer system, which already has roof mounted panels. I also have a Jackery 500, which I bought a while back for separate uses, and will most often be able to charge it off 110v at home or through my...
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    water tank solutions - water bladder

    How do you empty your tanks with long showers? That's the part that I really struggle with.
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    Portable Solar panels- DIY vs Solar Suitcase

    Ok, so it looks like I should be fine running a 100 watt Renogy solar suitcase with a 20a PWM controller at the same time as my roof mounted panels also charge the batteries. I think this is the way I will go since it lets the Solar suitcase work as a stand alone system should I want it to down...
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    Portable Solar panels- DIY vs Solar Suitcase

    I have a 180 watt solar panel on my trailer's roof, connected to a PWM charge controller. My controller is rated to handle an additional 100 watt panel. I would like to add this as a portable panel so I can charge when parked in the shade, or have both panels going when parked in the sun, if...
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    Strong, new non-pneumatic bike tire invented by Bend Oregon resident

    Am I missing something here? The vast majority of mtn bikes already don't use inner tubes, especially those at the target end of the price spectrum. This tire can't be cheap.....
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    Bike carrying options over a tonneau for a Tundra?

    Hard tonneau or soft? Does your tonneau completely cover the bed rails? I had a soft cover that did not fully cover the rails, so I was able to mount Yakima tracks on the bed rails using blind bolts, then mount crossbars. Once you have that set it becomes just like any other roof rack. If...