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    Parts and Accessories Sources: G-Class

    Cool. It’s nice to finally see someone making trailing arms for these trucks. Btw I get an invalid certificate warning for your site.
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    How to power accessories in the rear of your G?

    The 2003 has the battery in the center floor in the middle of the rear passenger footwell. I just did this for my 2006 G500 in order to run a fridge. The 2006 does have a 12v accessory plug in the left rear corner from the factory but it's not adequate for much. You can run a 10 gauge wires...
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    2019 G550 Overland Build - Completed w/ Pics

    Many vehicles have slightly wider front track widths than the rear. They do this for a number of reasons including turn radius improvements. However, the G-Class has equivalent front and rear track widths (at least that's what they publish. I've never bothered to measure). For 2019 they...
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    02 G500?

    Yeah as nbutze points out the green color shown is not the shade of green that this truck left the factory wearing. You can see the original green metallic in the door jambs and around the door interior paneling. Cheap paint job
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    02 G500?

    The 2002+ are great trucks. 02 and 03 years got a bad rep initially while MB worked out some electrical issues but those should be well sorted by now assuming the maintenance is in good order — you definitely want something with a good maintenance history. The motor/trans combo in the 1998 to...
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    G Wagen - rear seat for the Chinese guide

    Yeah there are a lot of advantages to leaving the single rear seat in place. if you really want to go with something that could be carried on the roof and installed onto a custom bracket then checkout sprinter seats like this one that fold
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    G Wagen - rear seat for the Chinese guide

    I don’t think you want to bother trying to retrofit the wolf jumpseat into a 463. You can buy a jumpseat or two for the 463 and use the existing threaded bungs that exist in the sheet metal above the rear wheel wells. If thepassenger seat and the 1/3 portion of the rear seat are non-starters...
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    2015 G550 SRS Module problem

    Sorry to hear about your trouble. There are several MB dealers around the country who parts desks have e-commerce websites for purchasing MB parts with discounted pricing. Two sites that I use often are mboemparts dot com and MB of wappinger falls in NY
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    Who are the good cost effective insurers for an imported G250 "Wolf"?

    Oh I did tell them what it is worth to me and I was very reasonable about it. But they specifically wanted to know the original “purchase” price. Again this was not USAA. USAA did not want to insure the 250GD and handed me over to one of their partner insurers. All of my other G’s including my...
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    Who are the good cost effective insurers for an imported G250 "Wolf"?

    USAA has difficulty with my Wolf. They passed me off to one of their partner insurers who eventually ran into the problem of trying to establish the original (1990) purchase price. Since it was a military vehicle I didn’t know what to tell them. I think they would have taken my best guess but...
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    Door seal replacement

    Just another reminder that the 460 seals are not the same as the 463 seals.
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    Who are the good cost effective insurers for an imported G250 "Wolf"?

    My Wolf is with Hagerty too. It’s affordable. Also has a nice magazine they publish periodically.
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    1990 Mercedes Benz 250GD Wolf

    Only when you’re idling!
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    Baja race

    Couple of guys on CGW did this a year or two ago:
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    Door seal replacement

    Those prices are as good as it gets and the 463 seals are very different than the 460 seals so don’t be fooled by the cheaper price of the 460 seal. installation is straightforward. It just takes some patience. A plastic trim removal tool helps a lot. The doors might require some...