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    Lada Niva Mini Expedition Project

    Any updates Griff?
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    Karpaten niva tour 2013. Part I

    Great trip and photos. Thanks for the share. We are all looking forward for new ones.
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    From Italy to Kazakhstan with an UNIMOG Truck

    I will be looking forward for your updates. Good luck
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    Eurosonic's Montero 2.5Gen Build Thread

    Dear Eurosonic, What is opinion on removed sway bars concerning overlanding?
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    Ruins and Rust: Texas to Patagonia, AND BEYOND, in an older 4runner

    Thanks for the share. Wonderful story. Keep on moving :beer:
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    | trans vecto: London to Sydney 2012

    Dear Benn, I hope God keeps your tires always at the right direction. Looking forward for your news
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    Beautiful country, nice rig and a lovely family. I have a 1.5 year old boy and looking forward to realize trips like you do. Regards from Turkiye...
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    Nissan Patrol Y61 buildup

    Dear jpvm, Very nice and inspiring rig. There are some vehicles which catches your eyes and do not let you to turn away. This is one of them. Thanks for sharing.
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    Mitsubishi L300 4WD

    A very nice example of family and friend cooperation and a very good restoration. Discovery should have put you on the tv. :clapsmile Looking forward for your new photos. It is very bad that we can not find these vehicles here.