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  • Hey.
    A while back we met up by DIA so I could see how the OME suspension rode. I was wondering if you have any pics you could share of your truck (side profile and front end). I remember you were running 33's I'm buying new tires and remembered your truck looked particularly well balanced.

    Thanks for the help. I think I need to turn up my preload a little bit more as well. The bike is a kick. I'm looking forward to many fun miles on it.
    Hey I have never messed with the suspension rebound. So I can't answer ur question. All I have done is add preload to stiffen the front end some. I havent adjusted anything else on the bike like rebound. Sorry bro. I like ur 990 though they are some fun bikes. If I can help with anything else I will try man. Have fun. Daniel
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