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    Camping between Lewiston, Id and Missoula???

    Not really on the route per se but if you are in the Lewiston area there are some free BLM campgrounds on the Snake River about 15 miles out of Clarkston on Hwy 193. Really quiet other than the occasional train. Closures are going to be a big issue. Walmarts are an option. DO NOT recommend...
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    Exploring Central Idaho's Mountains

    Thanks for sharing. That trip is on my list... someday.
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    Forest Service Road Adventure Mobile

    Nice work truck. I want your job.
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    off the beaten path coffee solutions

    I usually go with instant coffee. Esp since Starbucks came out with Via. As much as I am not a big Starbucks Fan they got it right with their instant.
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    Loving Life in Leelanau

    Thanks for sharing. Your photos are amazing. I grew up in the Northern Lower Pen, but never did get to see too much of the state.
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    2012 unlimited or Toyota fj

    I traded in a 2009 JKU for a 2004 4 Runner. Nothing bad to say really about the Jeep, but it just didn't give me the impression that it was going to last. The Jeep had 18000 miles on it and creaks, groans, shimmies of an older vehicle. The solid front axle can be useful, but on a highway...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    This is mine. 2004 4 Runner Limited. A bit fancier than what I wanted but eventually I'll get it set up the way it needs to be.
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    Spur of the moment backcountry tour

    Thanks for sharing. Colorado has some of the most amazing trails that I plan to actually see in person some day.
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    Just wanted to say hello. Recognize your username and pics from Jeepforum.

    Just wanted to say hello. Recognize your username and pics from Jeepforum.