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    2019 Sprinter 4x4 - Ev2

    For the ceiling L track I'm curious what you put under it (looks red in photo). Is it for insulation or noise cancelling or both? I really like the layout of the track. Lends itself to so much utility when transporting large items! As always nice work!
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    That blue VW van is far from stock judging by the five lug wheels versus the stock "wide four" configuration. Possibly a some Subaru drivetrain parts under there since the motor still looks to be in the rear. "Someone put in the wrench time!"
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    Fred the Van. The More We Explore's Adventure Van Build Thread

    As others have said your videos are inspiring! I love the shots from outside the van as your driving where Fred is in the frame. They really show the scenery that you are traveling through and the way you speed up the clip makes it more interesting. I look forward to seeing more of your...
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    Sprinter versus Transit?

    The first 12k miles in my 144" Sprinter high top returned an average 22 MPG driving 70% highway 30% local. That gives a cruising range of over 500 miles while maintaining a reserve of 30 to 50 miles depending on conditions. I really like that about it!
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    This van was part of a give away from the YouTube channel Haggard Garage a month or so ago. The give away included an enclosed trailer and drift car. The van was a fixture on the channel for a few years. There are plenty of pictures of this van on the internet so this ad may or may not be legit.
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    Project BigB... a 1977 Dodge Van 6x4!

    I wouldn't have found Expo if I hadn't come across a picture of this truck years back and wanted to know more about it. I might not have bought a van if not for what I've seen here. That 6x6 changed my life : )
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    UJOR Build Thread

    Curious about the wire routing on the Sherpa trailer, why run it over the frame member cross bar instead of under it? I understand wanting to keep it high but it would more or less stay in line with the rest of the run on the longitudinal frame member. I'm guessing it won't interfere with...