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    Making a ifting roof on a 110

    Nice fabrication work. Great thread. Thanks.
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    This has helped me to manage my Rover Defender envy

    I have had 2 Landcruisers and six Defenders. I liked them all. But you can drive a Defender off the show room floor and take it un modified the next day on an expedition. If I am going on a real expedition, then I will take the Defender.
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    Around the world since june 2000

    You guys are amazing. Congratulations a great adventure. I remember meeting you at Overland Expo. Inspiring stuff!
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    Hello All. My first post. Here is my simple custom GMC Cube Van conversion.

    I like your minimalist approach to travel. Every time I think about going bigger, I come back to keeping things as simple and basic as possible. Less to worry about and much less expense. Congratulations on living your dream your way.
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    Globenomaden - Our Trip of a Lifetime

    Camping in the Dunes is awesome. When I lived in Arabia, I camped in the desert 60-90 nights a year.
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    theDangerz- still going, different rig, new adventures

    Great story. Keep living the dream.
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    LR Defender 110 Budget(ish) Expedition Build

    Progress is happening.
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    LR Defender 110 Budget(ish) Expedition Build

    I checked out your website and map. Looks like a great trip. The Russia and Asia parts are the areas that I would find most challenging. I don't like cold weather, and I don't think there is any way to avoid the cold! I look forward to seeing your vehicle modifications and the final route as...
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    Best place to live?!?!

    I went to medical school at the University of Louisville, and Kentucky is a pretty state. That being said, I live in Phoenix which has lots of opportunities for off-road adventures within 5 hours travel in all directions. If money was no object, I would live in Southern Utah six months a year...
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    LR Defender 110 Budget(ish) Expedition Build

    I look forward to following your trip. When we sailed around the world on our catamaran, we stayed at Raffles Marina in Singapore, and we took the train up to KL. I am thinking about a driving trip, and your itinerary is of interest to me.
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    Prepping a defender 130 for around the world..

    Hi Shane, I remember when we met you at your business in Fort Lauderdale and again at your wedding at Overland Expo. We enjoyed meeting you all and following your adventures. I have a 130 Defender in Mooloolaba that I can Import to the USA in four years since it is a 1995 model. I would like to...
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    The $15,000 Expedition Vehicle: How would you build it?

    F-150 I would consider an old F150 pickup with a cover on the bed. Throw the gear in the back of the truck and take off. It would be a disposable truck, cheap to repair and would get the job done. No modifications. No four wheel drive. I have seen properly driven two wheel drive pick ups...
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    Prepping a defender 130 for around the world..

    Thanks for the write up. It was informative, entertaining and full of great ideas. Awesome decal on the truck.
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    Excellent video. Great camera work. Good editing.
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    Roof Rack Flooring Using Red Wood Composite Construction

    This is the appearance of the roof rack after four years of use. The composite slats stood up to the Arizona sun without splitting or breaking. So far so good in terms of durability.