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    Insane 21 Vehicle/RV/Trailer/Toy single lot auction in McMinnville, OR

    Better pay those taxes, Is it public record how much this stuff will auction for?
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    1995 4x4 Chevy Tiger in CO for $18,500

    Not sure if it's a scam, but Seller responded to one of my messages, said has around 100k miles. I didn't pursue it further though
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    1986 Gulf Stream Toyota Conquest

    +1, come on Mods this has been going on for too long. I can probably count on no hands how often tomsjack posted a vehicle that interests this community.
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    Suburban conversion

    Looks cool for its age. Weird platform choice?
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    Pinz 712 camper RUSTY

    Kinda sad that it's been so neglected looks like a sweet setup. "some Rust anyone good can fix it":D
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    F550 Flatbed with Host TC Pretty awesome setup
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    2004 Airstream Interstate

    Replying and bumping the threads ain't making it better :D
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    Fully built Fuso in Vancouver B.C.

    Cool setup, maybe worth the price for someone. He does mention: "don't want to spend $200,000 on a sprinter conversion", sounds like hes aiming for that kind of clientele. ;) no interior pictures though.
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    Sprinter Copter Slightly off topic since its satire, but kind of hilarious given all the ridiculously priced sprinters for sale these days.
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    Custom 1999 Astro van No affiliation, looks like a cool little mini over landing setup with awd. Not a bad price either.
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    1997 Roadtrek ROADTREK Class B Motorhome

    ban this bot already... those listings are never anything special or exciting and found with a quick ebay/cl search..
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    Unimog Mercedes Benz Expedition Camper

    back up here
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    2000 Chinook BAJA

    Here is one that looks more legit and seems to be better priced as well
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    2008 Tiger CX on F-350 4x4 Diesel Chassis

    To be fair, I think its very nice interior work, I'd be happy with that tiger and I'm sure it will sell
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    2008 Tiger CX on F-350 4x4 Diesel Chassis

    Looks familiar is this the same tiger that was for sale 4month ago?