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    Rolling with the Punches-Exploring New Hampshire Rivers, Waterfalls and Lakes

    The North Woods is a beautiful place, looks like the family had some fun! Nice rig!
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    FS: 1993 VW Eurovan MV Weekender l POPTOP l 5-Speed l Westfalia

    Vehicle Introduction Vehicle: 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan MV Weekender with Westfalia poptop Miles: 220,000 and counting as I do drive this vehicle often Engine: 2.5L Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Color: White PW/PS/ABS AC Van Tinted windows Yakima Rack & Bars Hitch Receiver Upgrades/Fixes...
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    The Map is Not the Territory: A Northern Maine Adventure

    7 year old thread, I was wondering how it was brought back to life! Great trip report!
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    Our American road trip

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    Inuvik, eventually. . . and then I'll just wander around.

    looks like a great trip, thanks for sharing your photos.
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    FS: PHX: Awning, Solar, Fridge, Kayak

    good deal on the solar kit, if I was closer I would grab it. GLWS
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    not sure if this has been posted yet. 2011 Chevy Express 4x4 in South Florida. (not mine)
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    "WYOMING OVERLANDING" And other life expeditions!

    great looking cabin, and nice truck!
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    NC to OR on the TAT in my 4Runner

    You leaving this weekend?
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    NC to OR on the TAT in my 4Runner

    Are you supposed to have the fridge tilted on it's side like that? Also, what's your plan for when that thing kills your battery from running all night? Are you going to switch to sleeping on the other side of the vehicle?