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    Battery for Dometic CFX3?

    Thanks for the info. This is what I was missing. I'll have to reach out to domestic and see about my unit. Since I don't have anything else on the circuit with my fridge other than the battery itself, I may not have noticed the problem, though I suspect my unit simply has not experienced the...
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    Battery for Dometic CFX3?

    I'm missing something here. I have a Dometic CFX3-75DZ that I use in my truck. I keep it on most of the time and plug it into shore power when parked at home. Both leads are in all the time and the DC is connected all the time. If it has AC it runs on that and does not deplete the battery. If...
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    Quest for the Perfect Family Tent

    Seems like there are many solid tents listed already but I don’t have any experience with them so for what it’s worth, I’ll tell you about what has worked for my family. I searched for years for something that ticked all my boxes. Spring bar was high on my list. The reasons I never pulled the...
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    Recovery Rope or Recovery Strap?

    From my point of view, and having never actually used a rope, the ropes are just too bulky and seem more prone to tangling in storage. I keep two of ARBs under the back seat of my jeep in a very small space and they stay nicely coiled and out of the way. I guess if I tried a rope and it was a...
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    SatCom Experiences

    I have rented a sat phone from for a few trips and it has always worked as expected. We were able to receive calls from members of the group that were coming in at different times and such even from inside the cabins we were staying in. We had to go out to have a conversation. It's...
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    Why can't someone offer this!

    Seems like the cage would need to be addressed. I can't see the value in the high top roof if the cage is still running through it. A one piece cage would be a big upgrade anyway.
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    Towing with a Commander

    Not that it is directly relevant to your question but I got my all time best tank towing a light but loaded off road trailer across Nevada. 19.6 mpg....
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    Towing with a Commander

    I have the same rig and towing with it is great. If you are thinking of flat towing the xj I would think breaks would be an issue. If you have a reasonably light flat bed with breaks I'm sure it will do fine. I occasionally pull a very heavy (not sure the weight) trailer with a heavy 70 ft...
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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ

    Offroad The very fact that you have to ask what they mean is the reason you should not use them on HAM. Counterpoise was pointing out that they are slang found on the CB band and would not be received well in HAM where clear plain talk is valued. I have been a HAM for years and I usta drive a...
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    Redeth's Overland Trailer Build

    Looks like the tank is threaded 3/8. Presumably this is npt. Also note that the pump is not rated for drinking water. I'll be waiting to see how it works out I have looked at these tanks for a trailer I am building. I think for my use I will want a pump rated for drinking water. May be harder...