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    Overland Truck Build?

    I'm considered a lurker- but this thread has my attention and I'd really like some advice from you all. I had started with a 2003 F250 CCLB 7.3- for about 30 days before it was stolen (101k) - the insurance arm wrestle has me considering vehicles that are newer for insurance value BS logic. I'm...
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    SOLD 2002 F350 7.3 Lariat Crew Long bed 157,000 miles and Grandby Camper $30,000 Willing to split!

    May I ask - did you move to a newer F350? That’s a great truck. Wish I had the raveloco in my mint 2003 F250 CCLB. Looking for a replacement.
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    Custom 2019 Ford F450 & Removable Alum Shell

    I have a bdcw skid plate and relo kit on my ktm 1290- If you all are the same and if this thing is anything even close to that quality- then all I can say is .... holy f.....well I’m not allowed! And I push that thing around like my 250 with the foot pegs...Nice rig...glws
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    Shell type pop-ups, who has em?

    I'm also going to watch this thread. Was very interested in this rig and I'm using it as a model set up, thanks Pitchpt- just not interested in the travel from New Orleans to AZ right now. OVRLND seems...