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    Help with ideas for a fishing/beach camping rig

    Makes sense. I'm converting this to a big pickup/ute in the next few months, we bought a farm and needed a vehicle for it, truck is otherwise perfectly set up Edit: Check out Unidan (, they have some nice slide on ideas
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    Help with ideas for a fishing/beach camping rig

    Might be worth talking with David Deere about his experiences and suggestions. One of his campsite pictures I saw on his blog Link to his site is He posts on Portal occasionally too
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    FG84 Camper Build

    Wow, I didn't quite realise it's been 8 months since last posting on my thread. I can tell that lots been happening in the background, some to do with the camper, some not so much. I don't have access to my photo's at the moment, so this will be just a wall of text until I can find/take some...
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    Robinson Fuso fire

    Well that's a bugger. Ours went up in flames ~6 weeks ago, though we managed to save it (5 minutes more and we'd have lost it), feel some of your pain. Main thing is you're safe
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    FGs for sale

    Sounds like someone picked up a bargain with that
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    Its a dream but a good dream !

    I often find myself browsing the Unicat website, looking at their floorplans and vehicles. Some comfortable looking layouts there (though I don't like some of the small kitchens).
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    Troy Concept Vehicle

    Not practical nor probably road legal in most countries. Height would restrict it from low bridges/overgrown areas. Most countries allow vehicles to be 2.5, maybe 2.55m wide, at 2.7 (not taking into account mirrors or the like), not road legal. Good looking though
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    Newbie Question

    I'm over 3 years into my build, 2 1/2 years where it's been at my place planning to register it next month, still unfinished but with enough stuff to have it usable. Taken way, way longer than expected to get to this point. If I had my chance all over again, I'd have bought something prebuilt...
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    On eBay: Possible project or swap...2016 FORD F550 BORN FREE CLASS C 6.7 DIESEL in CA

    There's 2 scrollbars when looking at the ad on my computer, one for the page, second for the pictures. Use the inner/second scrollbar to look at them all. Sleeping arrangement seems weird, as does looking out the back window and seeing the toilet.
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    Expedition Rigs Encountered

    There's some great campers on there, spent a couple of evenings looking through them all
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    Planning Isuzu NPS Build Preliminary GAs

    I liked what Styromax did for me, had them build both the subframe and body and mount it for me. Everything designed in CAD and cut on the CNC means everything fits tight, no thermal bridges either (potential exceptions being door jam and windows). Price for what I had done seemed quite fair...
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    SOLD (Sorry) - 2013 Malayan Tiger, 3500 Chevrolet Duramax

    One of my favorite vehicles from expo a couple of years ago. Heather and I spent 10-15 minutes chatting to your wife about it, really liked how it felt and the livability. Is there a new camper in the works?
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    I got mine at Ikea. It's fairly thin, rolls up nicely and comfortable enough that we use it as a spare mattress when friends stay at our house. If we find it needs a bit more spring/cushion, will add some Froli springs to it
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    making a FG home; many questions!

    What're you trying to get out of the change? Is it downsizing to a smaller living area (studio or small apartment), living in a tiny house or living in a camper? Do you expect to be stationary or moving about a lot? Do you need a 4x4 to get where you're planning on going, or just to a trailhead...
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    Our Box Truck RV Conversion

    Cool project. This thread may give you a lot of ideas on what can be done. He started with a uhaul box