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    Goodyear Duratrac's on Frontier?

    A bit late to the fight, but I have them on both of my Xterras - they replaced the BFG KO as my go - to tire. As others have said, they get noisy near the end, I usually replace them at 50K, they tend to get noisy around 45k. Keeping up on rotations is probably smart with any tire, I do it at...
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    First Success w/ Fast Charge EV Batts? Could be HUGE game changer!

    yeah, I don't have a dog in this fight, but for the record - for the vast majority of people in America range anxiety is not a real issue, but the perception of it is very real. How many times have you reached for that flashlight in the back of your truck, only to finally remember that you...
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    2022 Frontier

    OK, I just watched the video - have to admit I really like it. I wish there was a "build your own" area, but I'm sure that's coming. Really intrigued by the "off road" camera mode, once you have have that around view monitor it's hard to live without it, so I can imagine that will be even...
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    Pro-4X living at high elevation?

    Not these days, with one kid in college and another there soon I'm in full nose-to-the-grindstone mode these days. If you end up with a Toyota, Rising Sun is probably the finest 4x4 club there is, I still have ties in the Toyota world so I tag along as a rider on the occasional run (at least...
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    Pro-4X living at high elevation?

    in that case, Crow hill is your biggest obstacle on the way to town, and no amount of forced induction is going to over come a pair of old Subarus doing their very best at 35mph - I grew up in the Conifer area, and even going back to the '80s, when I was learning to drive, horsepower has always...
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    Pro-4X living at high elevation?

    Commuting to the airport? 285 or I70, a stock 2nd Gen Xterra has more than reasonable power. I have no issue, and in fact it doesn't even seem to be trying that hard, to hold better than the recommended speeds (that's what those rectangular white signs are, right :cool: ) up to and through the...
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    New to me Tiger 800XC

    Call him up - my brother is Tim of Gamiviti
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    New to me Tiger 800XC

    My favorite tool is just like my favorite first aid kit, the the one that never gets used, so lucky for me on this trip both kits sat unused in the pannier.
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    New to me Tiger 800XC

    Hey Paul - almost forgot to mention my awesome waxed canvas ATC tool roll!
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    New to me Tiger 800XC

    Just a quick update - still zero issues with the bike. I replaced the expensive lexan headlight cover with a cheap chinese metal one for two reasons - 1) I think the metal one looks cool. Same reasoning I use with tire purchases, I'm not afraid to admit it :cool: and 2) on the rare occasions...
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    **SOLD** 1978 E350 Born Free Motorhome

    What he said - this is the coolest thing ever, like a '70's dentist office on wheels with bunk beds! I wish there was anyway I could justify this.
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    New to me Xterra...

    11/3/20 - New Shocks, 63,484 miles Front seat heaters added Rear shocks were blown, replaced with Bilstein 5100's
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    WTB 1st Gen Double Cab, 4x4 or 4x2

    Don't know this truck or the person, just happened to be cruising Craigslist and remembered your post - looks pretty clean to me
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    Pandemic impact on vehicle prices: what do you think?

    In my experience the type of calls you get is directly related to what you're selling. I think you'll be OK, tweakers don't have porsche money. When I sell Xterra parts on craigslist the people who respond are typically nice, intelligent and so far honest. When I was selling my Ninja a...
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    ImNoSaint's Tiger Explorer 1200XC Build

    Love it - the only thing I would change about my 800XC is the color, that green is perfect.