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  • G'Day Alvin, Well we pulled the plug and bought a house in Casa Grande but won't be moving down for a bit as I am waiting for my wife to stop having so much fun at work and retire. Will keep you posted as to our moving time. Send email with your contact info when you have time. Cheers, Jan :costumed-smiley-007
    Alvin, I maybe in the Tucson area in early December, send email address to alsenj@gmai Perhaps you have time to do a trail or two or at least some more homemade ale. Cheers, Jan
    Will do! With our cold and snowy winter this year, I am wondering why I am home and not on the trail some warmer...hope to plan a trip south next winter and may look you up! Happy New Year! All the best in 2009! and jeep making that great beer!
    Yes you do!...If I have the handle and person correct, you may recall I came to see you at your house one evening with David Furrey. We had some of your homemade beer and you gave us a tour of your garage and truck. I was quite impressed with your gear and especially the compressor which you said you got at Costco. While traveling to SnT 08 via S. CA, on my home (the long way) after finishing El Camino Del Diablo, I had occasion to stop at a Costco in Escondido. I got one for 29.99 and it was the deluxe model (bag, attachments, etc.) with a longer cycling time and it can fill 8 (eight) tires in about 20 minutes! Thanks for the hint and the beers, friend! Jan Alsen

    BTW...not sure what advantage this buddy list as it seems the same as PMing?
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