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    Four Wheel Camper shell build out advice

    need updates with pics! Looking into this as well
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    Trade m416 for a m101 a2 in CA.

    PM sent if your M116 is still available, I'd like to come by and check it out
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    RTT on an M101a2 without welding?

    how much wider is the 101a2 than your 4-runner? I have a Tacoma and have a few trailers in mind... I just don't want anything thats going to be too heavy or too wide. Trailers in mind are a M101A2 or M116. Id use it as an offload toy hauler behind my rig.
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    M116A2 build

    Did you have to narrow the wheelbase of the trailer for the tacoma? I have been looking for a M116 near sacramento, but afraid that the wheelbase is going to be too wide.
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    HMMWV trailer fs, flatbed, $500, Vista CA - SOLD

    Interested! Do you have pics?
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    PICS of your bike on your vehicle

    KTM 450 EXC-F Six Days to carry along
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    Skunk Works Expo Build

    New COMMS up and running! Decided to go with the ICOM ID-5100 to replace the old school cb. While I still have a hand held cb radio, this will give me the ability to reach out, utilize the d-star network for internet connectivity as well as text. Should be a good fit for our big move out west.
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    Skunk Works Expo Build

    Got the Zarges Boxes quick detach mounts figured out just in time for a quick weekend trip over to the blue ridge mountains. We plan to keep recovery gear / tools / fluids in one box and the other will only be used for long trips where extra space is needed.
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    Skunk Works Expo Build

    Finally I took some awesome photos in the Canaan Valley! Really needing to upgrade to a DSLR and steer away from my iphone camera..... These photos had much much more potential! update: Oregon Racks bed bar system is working fantastically! Perfect RTT height and plenty of mountable surface for...
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    Skunk Works Expo Build

    Adventure Awaits! Looking forward to the season of travel!
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    Collection of Build Threads

    Heres Mine!
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    Skunk Works Expo Build

    NEW ADDITION! CVT Mt. Shasta extended series
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    Skunk Works Expo Build

    Appalachian Rendezvous 2016 coming up! Who's going?
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    Skunk Works Expo Build

    Any ideas for a removable drawer system for the bed? I was thinking these as mounting points for the drawers, that way, if I still need the bed to function as a truck bed, I could remove the boxes.
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    Skunk Works Expo Build

    :safari-rig: You'll get there!