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    Decked vs Diamondback for camping and ski trips?

    As a side note for anyone with a DB, I have my rear section latches adjusted so that at full closure, they engage on the bottom of the cargo rail. This allows me to engage the latch bars IN the rail if desired. In this configuration there is a gap between the cover and bed rail so it doesn’t...
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    Decked vs Diamondback for camping and ski trips?

    I had to look on Diamondback's website to see what the 13 is. I've had mine for 4 years and I don't remember if they had that then. I don't know the answer to your question. I would think the snowboards would fit without any issue with the cross box in place. I don't know if it goes low...
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    Decked vs Diamondback for camping and ski trips?

    Unless you're planning on loading atv's on the Diamondback, why would you need the hd? I have the standard Diamondback on a Tacoma 6' bed and love it. I feel that when locked, items are more secure in the bed than they would be in the cab.
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    A long weekend wandering

    We all need that sometimes...
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    Jeep JKU Ursa Minor vs RTT

    As Gear stated, I too, think it would be tough with four and the Ursa Minor. We have one and love it, but it's just my wife and I and frequently the dog. It can get a little "cozy". since you're already considering a ground tent or annex, why not go with a larger one that will accommodate...
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    Shovel location Jeep Wrangler JL.

    I strap my shovel to the spare tire of my JK using bicycle toe straps. (Those who rode in the days before clipless pedals know what those are. lol) Keeps a dirty shovel out of my vehicle and as mentioned, more accessible if needed for other than campsite use.
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    Camping Totes or Dry Food Storage

    I recently picked up similar, but the Rigid boxes. They too, have the seal. Don't like bugs and spiders getting in my gear. So far, loving them. I did remove the wheels and telescoping handle from the base unit, as they took up a lot of usable space in the Jeep. I also like that they can be...
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    1981CJ8 Scrambler Overlander Build

    That's awesome! I bought a project '85 Scrambler from a friend for the purpose of rebuilding into a dedicated camping rig. The memories of how many hours I put into rebuilding my '76 CJ7 15 years ago had obviously faded. I realized that I was going to be sinking $10-15k just in missing parts...
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    Jeep JKU Camper for Four

    Thank you for the tour! I'm going to use your idea for the quick disconnects on the awning. I have the shorter awning mounted on the rear of the UM. We just bought a used '17 JKU with the Ursa Minor about a month and a half ago. Still trying to figure out the acrobatics of two people in and...