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    Need some help, thoughts and pointers.

    Love the alaskan choice, so versital for the seasons. I have an 06 Ram 2500 Mega cab with flatbed and a fourwheel camper shell. I went with 37s, it has kept me off of some stuff. It does affect the mileage. I would definetly get the winch before lockers, i have burried it in snow and sand and...
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    Ram 2500 06 Mega Cab Build

    hell yeah, that is awesome , nice work. Like your electrical setup. The water tank is cool, do you have to clean that often? Have you had it freeze at all?
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    Four Wheel Camper shell build out advice

    We went with a Hawk Shell. From the factory: Heater and Stove, Side Dinette outside light We added Later: Second Battery Solar Panel and charger Roof Rack Extra Strut Awning Arctik pack DC fridge Usb charger Love the side dinette and the stove/heater. I wish the heater was a was a wabasco as...
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    Ram 2500 06 Mega Cab Build

    super cool, any interior picks of the back? I really like the back step area , that is where mine needs some work. I love the area to move around on the porch, but I don't have recovery options or hitch at the moment and i burried it in the snow a few times and that area caused some issues.
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    Another 2020 Ram 5500 Flatbed Camper Build

    great bumper, I have been thinking about reworking my rear bumper and using a rear winch after a few extactions.
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    Ram 2500 06 Mega Cab Build

    Had MULE Expeditions put on some rear work lights. These are super helpful for winter biking in the PNW, it's pitch black when my ride is done.
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    Slide in Camper Survey

    Currently I have a ram 2500 with a popup, slide in i have on a flatbed. I think that the height your proposing sounds fine. I would go as wide as possible but not overhang to much. Queen with a pull out works well. Personally I would like a 6.5 flatbed with door on the back
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    New Alaskan side entry flatbed 8.5' build!!

    what a great rig, perfect setup. Good luck with the Sale, this is exactly what I would build if I started over.
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    Great thread, anyone in the PNW with the AT/3W? currently have toyo MTs (little smooth at this point) on my Mega Cab 2500 cummins , with Popup (37s). Mostly run on forest roads and pavement, lots of trips up the passes in snow. The MTs have sucked in the snow, but may be the age. Have some...
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    37" Toyo RT vs Falken AT3W road noise?

    @Regcabguy what are you running on your truck?
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    Ram 2500 06 Mega Cab Build

    Put in a Second AGM , Solar charger and Battery Monitor. Also added 160 overland solar panel.
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    Shell type pop-ups, who has em?

    I have a Four Wheel Camper shell (Hawk) (see sig for build thread) , overland x is working on a shell, this looks like a great approach for condensation. Real happy with a shell over a full camper build. DC fridge work great for us
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    Ram 2500 06 Mega Cab Build

    Installed a Usb plug, so useful
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    Anyone have a Ram 2500 with Rhino Rack Pioneer or Yakima Lock n Load on the Cab? couple pics in the thread. Custom flatbed , bought an 8 ft partial fitted and had it cut and fit by a local guy.
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    2016 Ram 3500 4x4 with 2017 Bundutec Camper,

    Great Design! especially if you have bikes