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    Diesel talk 200 tdi or 300 tdi?

    You could use the 2.8 tdi which is based on an 300tdi gives more bhp an torque which will transform a classic
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    Preparations, Discovery 2

    Disco 2 Hi just an update depending how good you are with the spanners my first item to change would be the oil pump bolt as these have been known to come loose and fail resulting in destroying the engine it's only a 10mm bolt with loctite on the Lower pump pulley but to access it you have to...
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    Preparations, Discovery 2

    Disco 2 Hi also check out lots of useful information on technical / servicing and everything Discovery 2 just register (free) and enjoy 😎
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    Steering box question

    leaking steering box hi Ref leaking steering box yes they are serviceable common fault on disco 1 and 2.Sounds like the seals have perished part number QFW 100180 geniune landrover but crossreferance US part numbers :D