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    FJ60 roof rack clamps

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    Costco has a RTT

    Might be because they are stuck.
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    off-brand awnings?

    I have one of these...
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    Small, low-power evaporative cooler

    Portable Evap cooler for sale I have one for sale
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    Trifold mattress I have one of these in Willys SW. Love it. I would go with 3" if I were to do it again. My 4" is great though. The cover is zippered so one can trim to width as I did...
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    Tent Air Conditioner

    Mighty Kool I have one of these for sale. . Go to the website. There is a pix a child sleeping while being cooled with a Mighty Kool.
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    Anybody place electric break controller on their jeep

    breaks? break brāk/ verb 3rd person present: breaks 1. separate or cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain. "the rope broke with a loud snap" synonyms: shatter, smash, crack, snap, fracture, fragment, splinter, fall to bits, fall to pieces; More...
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    Shafter Trail - Scary Ride. But beautiful

    The "Shafer" trail seem to always get a wide range of reactions from travelers. Some say they will never do it again, other don't even mention the the switchback section.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Willys at Coyote Buttes South 1960 Willys at Pawhole, Coyote Buttes South
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    Waeco Fridge/ 35ah AGM/ 100w PV System

    Thanks, Willys is an adventure in its self. I found Waeco/Dometic CD-30 on Craigdlist, lucky find. Marine shops are the best place to find them usually.
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    Waeco Fridge/ 35ah AGM/ 100w PV System

    I am posting this as a point of reference for others who may use similar setups. I just got back from a 4 day trip to Arizona/Utah border. Total of 600 mi round trip. We camped for 3 days/nights using only solar/35ah battery that ran the fridge and lights and cell phone chargers. The PV module...
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    12v Mighty Kool Swamp cooler

    Yes, It is the Mighty Kool same as MK3.
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    $1000 94 Toyota Landcruiser Money Pit?

    This one has not been well cared for. Now I see one in running condition for $1500, so I will be patient and find one in better shape.
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    $1000 94 Toyota Landcruiser Money Pit?

    I will repair the engine myself. But are these available in running condition for under $2000? A money pit is spending more than it is worth.
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    12v Mighty Kool Swamp cooler

    12v/Solar Mighty Kool evaporative cooler w/extra cooler pad Good Condition $150.