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    Cargo area storage, dual battery, work surface solution

    This looks great. Do you have a write up?
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    @LPIII, beautiful XJ dude! Very jealous!
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    Big Red XJ starting the "Overland" build

    Bro, I love your XJ. Beautiful! Did you trim your fenders at all, how much? Thanks!
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    OverlandXJ 2000 Jeep XJ build thread

    Do you have a write up for cutting the hole in the roof? I've thought about doing the same, but maybe getting the Street Beat Customs Rag Top. I'm just concerned with the structural integrity since I don't have a cage. I'm also interested in how you mounted the Limb Risers to the bumper and...
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    XJ Gobi Ranger

    Thanks for everyone's responses! I've been away for a while. I had originally wanted to install an RTT on top of the roof rack, but i've decided to not. I think i'd wanna fab something up to install an LED bar across the front instead of the individual lights. Thoughts? Also, how strong is the...
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    XJ Gobi Ranger

    You said it's pre wired for lights, how so? Do you have the rack with the built in spare or the normal Ranger? Can you post some pics. Thanks.
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    XJ Gobi Ranger

    Howdy Expo members! I have a question. I have a '98 XJ and I wanna get the Gobi Ranger Roof Rack for it. Does anyone have any experience with it or currently using them. I'm curious as to the strength, durability, accessories, and maybe how it'll support a RTT. Thanks! KCCO