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    SOLD - Mold for 24" fiberglass hi-top for late model ('92-'14) Ford Extended E Series van

    I have this exact top (self-installed) and I'm 6' 2", just enough room for me. Great price on this top!
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    Van vs. Truck Camper

    This is only for campers with an axle under them, does not apply for a slide in camper of any type
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    1995 Ford E350 Club Wagon 15 passenger XLT 7.3 Powerstroke

    Sweet baby Jesus this is a good deal. I'll buy the seats if we can meet somewhere between you and San Luis Obispo
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    Fiberglass Hightop Antenna Type and Placement Advice

    Thanks Jon, I took your advice and installed a 1/2 wave antenna on the driver side using an NMO fender mount. I've also ordered a NGP kit for the CB from and plan to install that on the side of the top sticking up over the roof rack
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    24 ft motorhome 7.3 born free somebody buy this, not mine but wish I could buy it

    with 7.3 prices these days you're almost getting the camper for free haha
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    Fiberglass Hightop Antenna Type and Placement Advice

    The hoods on these vans are fiberglass, does that make a difference ?
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    Fiberglass Hightop Antenna Type and Placement Advice

    I am looking to install a CB and 2M antenna on my rig, problem is I don't know if I have enough (or any) ground plane to work with. I thought I would side mount both firestick antennas, 1/4 wave 15" 2m firestik and 3' CB firestik to my fiberglass top. After doing some more reading I may have to...
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    Fred the Van. The More We Explore's Adventure Van Build Thread

    so just a thorough power wash, dry , wheel, spray paint? How to address all the nooks and crannies in the nuckles, etc?
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    Fred the Van. The More We Explore's Adventure Van Build Thread

    Would love to hear your plans for this, mines looking pretty shabby and need to tackle this myself without full disassembly Luke
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    Homemade Roofracks.

    No idea sorry
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    Homemade Roofracks. This thread was the inspiration for my ATV ramp creation. I couldn't bring myself to pay someone else $2500+ for a roof rack that would have been a PITA to leave the van and specify every little detail. Required (3) $100 Harbor...
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    Spaceball 1: 1997 E350 V10

    Love that, where did you find one, eBay?
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    FOUND Vans For Sale! Interesting Mercedes
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    E250 driver and passenger seats - what are my options?

    Sorry to highjack but I think it's on topic.... What donor vehicles have seats that easily bolt into e-series vans or the van bases? Trying to find reasonably priced replacement front seats just like the OP Say F series truck captains seats?
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    Trying to decide on a top for my 2003 E350 EB - Soliciting Opinions

    Lots of good feedback, Sadly I am not much closer to deciding, I still have some time to see what mgmetalworks comes up with. It's pretty much that, the 24" bubble or 30" Super camper from Fiberine since they are 4 hours south of me. Thank you everyone, your opinions are valued Luke